Monday, January 09, 2012


The weekend was pretty good.  Friday night I went with the Steans clan to go see Mission Impossible:  Ghost Protocol at the IMAX with my family.  I think Ryan didn't like the movie, largely because he thought it was formulaic, improbable, and filled with stereotypes, while Dad liked it a lot because it was a good, old fashioned, high octane action movie.  So, in the end, they largely had completely opposite reactions to exactly the same qualities in the movie.  Dad sort of enjoys the feeling of knowing what to expect from a certain kind of movie, whereas Ryan, I think, was annoyed by it.
Personally, I had a good time.  I'm glad that every movie that comes along isn't Mission Impossible (it was, in the end, cheesy, escapist entertainment), but I really enjoyed the stunts and action sequences and the overall experience.  In any case, the movie was very similar to some of the other Mission Impossible movies, so, if  nothing else, it stayed true to the feel of the other movies in the series.  I haven't been seeing nearly as many big ol' action movies as I used to, and maybe the fact that I watch them less frequently helps me enjoy them more when I end up catching one.  I dunno.  Liked.
Saturday I did a few chores/errands (goodbye Christmas lights!) and picked up Amy from the airport.  So good to have her back!  :-)  We went out to eat at Tarka and just hung out (we're still watching Six Feet Under).  Sunday there was exercise and Cassidy walking and some shopping and then band practice.  Mono practice was important since we have a gig at the Carousel Lounge on Friday night (at 9:00).  It felt good to play some music with the guys.  It had been a while.
After practice Amy made dinner.  We had chicken tacos with onions and poblano peppers, and they were really, really good.
Did I mention that it was really good to have Amy back?  ;-)
Well, I guess that's it.
It's cold and raining here today in Austin, so everyone stay warm, dry, and safe!   

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