Monday, September 12, 2011

The Weekend

Well, it was a good weekend- a nice, relaxing couple of days off, which was a good thing, given that we were in Arizona last weekend and we've got ACL Fest coming up this upcoming weekend.
I don't even remember what we did on Friday night.  I really don't.  Seems like we had some frozen yogurt at some point.  I guess we watched the last episode of Deadwood
Amy and I have really enjoyed watching Deadwood.  The characters are pretty well developed and well acted, and they have long, interesting arcs that allow you watch them actually change and grow (or fail to grow) in a plausible way over the course of multiple seasons.  The show explores interesting subject matter and themes, looking at topics like justice, immigration, gender roles, politics, and business, all played out against a backdrop where a newly formed civilization is struggling to rise out of the chaos and lawlessness of a more primitive environment.  Deadwood was ultimately cancelled, but I think that the show still holds up really well.  It would have been nice to have had a few more episodes to tie up some loose ends, but, on the whole, the show concluded in a way that was in keeping with its overall spirit.
On Saturday we got up and went walking around Lake Lady Bird (I still think of it as Town Lake, but I'm trying to get with the times).  It was a nice walk.  We did a lot of people watching, and the weather was nice.  Saturday afternoon we ran a couple of errands.  Saturday evening I went and watched the UT game over at Ryan and Jamie's while Amy got caught up on some stuff for school. 
I feel a little bad for saying this, but I breathed a big sigh of relief when the coaching staff pulled UT quarterback Garrett Gilbert.  He didn't really deserve to get booed, but he's had his chance, and UT has at least two other quarterbacks in the wings who show promise (and I know I wasn't the only UT fan who thought both Ash and McCoy performed more capably on Saturday).
Saturday night Amy and I joined Jaci, Josh, Heidi, and their friend Blake for some trivia at Opal Divine's.  Our team was called "College Football is a Ponzi Scheme", and we came in second out of 27 teams!  It was a nice night, and I enjoyed both the hanging out and the trivia.
Sunday was Uncle Donald's 83rd birthday, so the Steans clan (and Pearce clan) went to Cover 3.  It was nice.  We got some food, watched some football, and ate a little cake.  I'd never been to Cover 3.  It was pretty cool. 

(Uncle Donald examines the menu and wonders when they started serving seared Ahi tuna and jerk shrimp salads at sports bars)

Sunday afternoon we ran a few errands, and that night Amy made some good chicken pesto pasta, and we just took it easy.
So that was it!  Hope you guys had a good weekend!  Amy and I enjoyed ours!

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