Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Several Days Without Labor in Phoenix

So this past weekend I took my first trip with Amy out to go visit her family in Phoenix!  (well, technically, I guess, we were mostly in Peoria and Surprise, but for non Arizonians, I think it's probably easier to just call it Phoenix)
It was a really nice trip!  We flew in on Saturday morning and started out by going to brunch at the Biltmore, which is a historic hotel and resort that has been open since 1929.  It's a really cool place, with some interesting architecture and beautiful landscaping and grounds (and the food was really good).
(The Biltmore's a beautiful place.  Even though it's in the desert, for some reason it occasionally conjured up, in my mind, comparisons to one of my favorite fictional hotels...)

Saturday afternoon we just sort of relaxed and took it easy.  We were staying at Amy's grandparents' house (they were on vacation and graciously allowed us to stay there), so we just kind of relaxed for a while.  Thanks to Carol and Jerry for the extremely nice accomodations.
(Amy and I realize that our lifetsyle is actually already pretty well suited for retirement)

Saturday night we went over to Amy's parents house (Jean and Greg's) for dinner.  Heidi (Amy's sister) joined us along with Matt (Amy's brother-in-law) and Scott (Amy's nephew).  It was really great to finally meet all of them!  I'd heard about all of them a lot, and we've even chatted on Skype a few times, but it was very nice to finally meet them in person!  
And dinner was great.  Greg grilled some really good barbecue chicken, and Jean and Amy made delicious potatoes, salad, beans, and probably some other stuff that I'm not remembering (there was good cake for desert!  Oh yeah, and delicious sangria!  How did I forget the delicious sangria?!  Well, I know how I almost forgot about the delicious sangria...). 
Afterward we just hung out and visited and looked at some stars and nebulae through Greg's telescope (which was really cool).
Sunday morning we got up, and all went to the pool over in Sun City where Amy and I were staying (well, except Matt.  Matt actually stayed home to do some work- and on Labor Day weekend!).  The trip to the pool was really nice.  I got to spend some more time talking to Heidi, and we all took turns playing with Scott in the water.  Amy and I both really like the sun and the water, and the pool trip was really pleasant. 
Sunday afternoon we went to the Musical Instrument Museum.  I guess it's a fairly new Museum in Phoenix, and it's really interesting.  It holds over 10,000 musical instruments from all over the world, and features an audio tour that allows you to hear them via audio and video clips that feature live performances that utilize the pieces on display.  The museum has amassed a pretty amazing collection of instruments from various periods in history from all over the world.
(in this picture you can see Amy, Heidi, and Matt grooving to the sounds of what I believe to be medieval Chinese hip hop)

(in the Latin American section, Amy and Heidi fail to heed a prophetic warning, issued circa  1987 by Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine. "The rhythm IS going to get you...")

(somehow Ryan made it all the way to Phoenix just to sneak into the back of this picture to photobomb us)

Sunday evening we went to dinner at a restaurant called El Encanto.  It was a really nice place.  The outdoor seating was in a sort of courtyard with a pond (complete with ducks!), and the food and margaritas were very good.  I had a chicken dish that was tasty, but I can't remember the name.  It was a second chance to hang out with the whole Davis/Sinex clan, and it was a really good time!

Monday morning I got up (Amy had gone for her morning walk/run with her mom) and looked out the window to see a number of rabbits and a coyote who wandered in off the golf course to look for his breakfast.  He came closer to the house than it appears in this picture, but it took me a couple of minutes to find my camera...

(strangely, he wasn't chasing a roadrunner, and he didn't demonstrate any proficiency with dynamite)

We went over to Jean and Greg's place for breakfast/brunch, and Amy's mom served up some really good migas (which have become one of my favorite foods over time), coffee cake, and fruit.  Everything was really good.
Jean, Amy, and I went to the pool after breakfast and just swam around and relaxed.  Jean and Greg's neighborhood pool is really nice and has a nice sort of backdrop view of the mountains.
After swimming we went home and pretty much just packed up to head back to the airport.

The entire weekend was relaxing and enjoyable, and it was really good to do some new, interesting, fun things in Phoenix, and, more importantly, get a chance to hang out with Amy's family.  It was great to finally meet Heidi, Matt, and Scott, and I had a really good visit with Jean and Greg as well.  I really appreciate the hospitality and the kindness, and of course, it's great to know that Amy has such a nice family!  Thanks again to Jean, Greg, heidi, Matt, Scott, Carol, and Jerry for making it such a good trip!


Jean said...

Pollo Fundido -- translate 'Chicken Fun' well not exactly.
We really enjoyed your visit too and hope you come back again when the temperature drops below 105!

J.S. said...

Thanks Jean! And I still swear that 105 degrees out there felt a little better than 105 in Texas!