Thursday, May 05, 2011

Arcade Fire

So it's been a really good week for music. First I went with Amy to see The Decemberists at Stubb's on Saturday night. That was a really good show. I wrote about it here. Amy got us tickets to see The Decemberists for my birthday, and that was a great present!
Then on Tuesday night I went to see Arcade Fire out at The Backyard with Ryan and Jamie and Amy Rushing (who works with Ryan at UT). Ryan and Jamie got me a ticket to the Austin Arcade Fire show for my birthday. The Austin Arcade Fire show was really good. The music sounded really cool, and the band seemed genuinely happy to be back in Austin and performing again (I know that a lot of bands pay lip service to whatever town they're performing in, but given the fact that Arcade Fire has chosen to shoot videos in Austin and spent some time here, it felt like they had a legitimate affection for the city). Anyway, it was a really good show and a nice night, and it was really fun to go see some live music with both Ryan and Jamie (strangely, I've seen shows with each of them separately over the years- including ACL Fest with Ryan and Springsteen with Jamie-, but I hadn't been to see a show with both of them in a long, long time).

Anyway, Ryan wrote a little review of the show on his blog. Thanks to Ryan and Jamie for taking me!

Amy had an exam on Wednesday morning, so she didn't make it to the show on Tuesday night. On Wednesday, however, Amy jumped int he car and headed down toward Houston to see Arcade Fire. It was a really fun road trip!!

We got to my parents house in Spring in the late afternoon and had a nice dinner with my dad out in the Woodland's at a place called Jasper's. The food was really good. Mom didn't come with us because she had a birthday dinner that she was attending with some friends, but Amy and Dad and I had a really nice dinner.

The show itself was great, too. It was at the pavilion in The Woodlands.

Arcade Fire is a great band, and their lead singer, Win Butler, grew up in The Woodlands. Arcade Fire's last album, The Suburbs, won the 2011 Grammy for best album of the year, so I was curious to see how the music would resonate with the band and the crowd given the fact that they were performing the music in the same neighborhoods that had inspired the album.

In fact, the show turned out to be really great, the crowd was really into the music, and Butler made a number of references not only to the fact that he had grown up in The Woodlands, but to the fact that he had actually worked for a while as a ticket taker at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion.

Anyway, the band was energetic, the crowd enthusiastic, and the weather about as good as we could have asked for. I had a great time.

In the morning we got up and spent a little bit of time with my mom, The Karebear, who is leaving today to go on her fourth mission trip to Kenya. She seemed happy and ready to go, and we're all happy for her, although it's always weird to bid your mom farewell when she's jetting off to Africa for a week and a half (especially when Mother's Day falls during that period of time). Africa's just a long way aways.

Here are some photos from the Woodlands show...

So that's it. I really love me some Arcade Fire. As I told Amy, I could easily see them again right away if I had the chance. Their music and energy are just infectious.


Paul Toohey said...

What group is your Mom's mission with? Erin is going on a mission with Operation Smile to Kenya in a couple of weeks.

J.S. said...

I'm not really sure of the name of the group. She does it through her church (so it's probably a Lutheran organization), and they go down there and set up clinics for eyeglasses and eye exams. She likes it, but they actually work pretty hard while they're there.