Friday, October 29, 2010

The New York Trip

Jeff and Michelle in the bar at The New Yorker

Pat Martino Quartet at Birdland

Carmine's (Kasey, Judge Hohengarten, and Jeanette)

Queens Mental Health Court (Jeff, Michelle, Jeanette, Yolonda- from D.C., Judge Hohengarten, and Kasey; Judge Crain is in the second row)

The view from my room.

Well, I got back last night from a four day trip to New York City. It was a busy trip, but a good one. I went with a group from the courthouse (with defense attorneys, prosecutors, judges, counsellors, and planners), and we visited four mental health courts in three days (Brooklyn, Queens, and The Bronx). I also got to spend a bit of time wandering around the city. In addition to some good food (Carmine's near Broadway, Joe's Lobster Bar in Soho, John's Pizza in Greenwich village), we also hit a fun piano bar (Don't Tell Your Mama) with performers who were working (or auditioning for roles) on Broadway, and Judge Crain and I went to see Pat Martino's quartet at Birdland in Midtown. The weather was great, the New Yorkers were friendly, and the travel was relatively hassle free. Good trip. I love New York, but it just seems so frenetic (and I missed Amy!). Good time, but I'm glad to be home.

Jeff on the subway


Amy said...

These pictures are great! I'm surprised the "charger debacle" didn't make it into the entry. ;)

J.S. said...

Yeah, I was without a phone for a day due to a problem with a broken charger. It resulted in a lack of pictures when I saw things like NYU, Greenwich Village, Soho, Ground Zero, Grammercy Park, and it left me withou a map or communication on my first day in New York (although Dan let me send a couple emails from his phone while we were at the Center for Court Innovation). Being without a phone sucks- and even moreso when you're trying to coordinate with people on a business trip!