Friday, October 22, 2010

Gun Toting Maniacs and You

For those who don't know, my brother works in the Perry Castaneda Library at UT, which was the site of the recent incident in which a student brought a gun onto the campus and shut the whole place down for the day (leading to SWAT teams, snipers in helicopters- the whole nine yards). I rarely link to my brother's blog- mostly because it's a terrible, soul crushing site that leaves visitors feeling disgusted, horrified, and ashamed- but I think his recent blog post regarding the training which he received in the wake of this event bears some closer examination.


Anonymous said...

Sadly, at Fort Hood we had dozens of unarmed combat trained soldiers who could not stop the shooter. It took an armed and trained cop to bring him down.

For the rest of us its, 1) flee, 2)hide and 3)look for anything that might serve as a weapon. Better to go down fighting than cowering waiting to be slaughtered.


J.S. said...

Yeah, the Fort Hood thing was especially scary. I know that the soldiers don't just walk around fully armed, but you would think that a military base would just have tighter security and faster response times.