Thursday, September 21, 2006

Howdy. Well, last night I got my first peek at the new home of Team Steans. It's slightly south of William Cannon, off of Manchaca. It's a cool little two story number with a couple of living areas, a decently sized kitchen, and 4 bedrooms, I think (I'm pretty sure there's an office for Ryan, an office for Jamie, and a guest room). Anyhoo, it's a cool pad. I hope they're happy there.
In other news, I'm not sure if I'm supposed to announce this yet, but Jeff "Peabo" Peek and his wife, Adrianna, are pregnant! Peabo is not only excited about the prospect of fatherhood, but he's also quite proud that he's finally able to provide proof that his "boys can swim".

Last night I had dinner at Trudy's with Ryan and Jamie before heading over to their new house for a look see. Afterwards I dropped in at Mandy's and hung out with Rami, Andy, Hannah, and Mandy. It was Project Runway night, but there wasn't a new episode this week, so our gang just watched a rerun and hung out. The weather was beautiful last night, and it was nice to just sit outside and talk.
Well, I gotta run. Hope everyone is avoiding spinach and taking it easy.

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