Tuesday, February 11, 2020


Howdy! We've been busy!

Last Monday night Amy, Frank, and I went to see Wolf Parade at the Mohawk with Land of Talk opening for them.  Both bands were good!  The show ended surprisingly early (maybe due to noise ordinances at downtown outdoor venues on weeknights?), but that was kind of great because we got to rock AND get some sleep.

Land of Talk

Wolf Parade

Friday was Amy's birthday!  Shelly got her a cookie cake at work, congratulating her for being every bit the stable genius that Donald Trump has turned out to be!

When your friends really get you
Friday night we ate pizza and hung out at the house (we did the more grow-up birthday dinner the week before).

Amy and Raylan take the Jeep for a spin on Friday

Amy helps the kids decorate their Valentine's Day
boxes for school
On Saturday my parents had us out to their house for a birthday dinner for Amy.  Ryan, Jamie, and Susan came out, as well.  We had a really nice afternoon and evening hanging out with the family!

Grandpa and Raylan build a new marble run

Uncle Ryan teaches Raylan about some new stuff-
I know that King Kong and the Marx Brothers were

There's something about Amy that inspires
wacky cakes
Amy receives some cards from Kiddo and Raylan that they made
with Grandma's help.  They were very proud.
Sunday night I went to band practice and we rocked out.  We sounded pretty good.  I enjoyed it.

Sunday night pre-practice dinner with the kids 
Monday night we had another concert!  Mom and Dad took the kids for both of these concerts, so HUGE THANKS to them for doing that!

Monday night's concert was the New Pornographers with Diane Coffee at Emo's.  
I had never heard Diane Coffee before, but I enjoyed them.  Lots of energy.

We've seen the New Pornographers before, but I felt like this was one of the best shows I've seen by them.  The sound was really good, and they played really well.

Diane Coffee

The New Pornographers

And that's the update!  I hope everyone is doing well!

We're almost to spring!

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