Monday, June 11, 2018


How's it going?  Our week and weekend have been pretty good.  It got hot early this year, so it already feels like we're truly well into summer.
Here's a picture of Raylan learning how to do an exercise video with Amy this week after work one night:

This weekend was pretty good.  But on Friday night I had to go to a funeral.  A friend and former co-worker, Sherri, had a husband who died suddenly of a heart attack.  They are a family with 3 boys and two girls, and they always have seemed super fun and loving.  It was a sad funeral.  Very well attended.

On Saturday we got up and went out to breakfast and then went to Steiner.  We took Raylan swimming with Mom and Dad.   He looooves to swim, and he swims relentlessly nowadays when we takes him to the pool.
Afterwards Mom and Dad made chicken fajitas.  They were great!!
After that we came home and ran errands and played with Raylan.

(just for the record, those are markers stains on the knees- not bruises!)

On Saturday we had walked over to Mandy's house.  She was having a garage sale and gave us an old slip and slide.  So Sunday morning Raylan tested that out...

After slip and sliding for a while, Amy went to the gym, and I walked Raylan over to Mandy's so he could feed the fish.  She also gave him a Pete the Cat book and a Caillou DVD.  Thanks, Mandy!
Later we went to Garrison Pool.  Raylan once again swam really fast and really hard for a really long time.  

And that was about it.  We grilled sausage for dinner, and we slept hard.

It was a nice weekend.

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