Monday, June 19, 2017

Father's Day Weekend

Welcome back!  I hope everyone had a good Father's Day weekend.
We had a nice one!
Amy got me a really nice bottle of whiskey (Balcones Single Malt) for Father's Day, as well as a bunch of popcorn.  It was a really nice gift!  Made me jolly.
We just sort of hung out around the house on Friday night.  Amy made paninis, and they were very good.
On Saturday we got up and went out to breakfast.
Afterward we went swimming over at Garrison Pool.

He was supposed to be watering the flowers...
The pool was really nice on Saturday morning.  It wasn't too hot out, and we got there right when it opened, so the pool wasn't very crowded.

Practicing jumping to Dad
We swam for a while and then went to the playground for little bit.
Afterward, there was lunch and a Raylan nap while Amy and I worked out.  Raylan took a really long nap, and basically slept through a birthday party that he was supposed to attend.
Oh well.
I went to the grocery store, and afterward I played with Raylan while Amy made a key lime pie and some blackberry bars.
I'm not sure what we did Saturday night.  I think I watched Better Call Saul.  Good show!
On Sunday we got up, and I talked Amy into going out for breakfast again.  Because Father's Day.
We Went over to Dan's near our house.

Raylan is suspicious of me as I try to convince him that
I'm even better than Mom at buttering pancakes.
"Oh Father, when Mother butters the flapjacks, they have
a most delightful quality!!"
After breakfast we went over to Deep Eddy pool and went swimming.  I hadn't been there for many years.  The pool was really nice (it's a big, spring fed pool with a gently sloping entry point for the kiddos).  I hadn't been there in a long time, and it seemed a little different than I remembered, but a friend subsequently told me that they did some substantial remodeling to the place a few years back.
At any rate, Raylan loved the water.  He didn't even seem to mind that it was a little bit colder than the regular pools.  And, of course, it's always nice to swim in a pool without chlorine.

"This is my Father's Day dance, Dad!
Look at me!  Look at meeee!!!"

Amy convincing Raylan that the water isn't cold.

Time out for snacks and contemplation.
In the afternoon there was, once again, exercise and a Raylan nap.
In the late afternoon we went over to my parent's house.  We had barbecue and the key lime pie and blackberry bars that Amy had made.
Ryan, Jamie, Dick (Jamie's dad), Mom, Dad, Susan, and Uncle Donald were there.  We watched some of the college baseball World Series (TCU vs. Florida) and hung out and talked.  Raylan, as usual, played a lot and took turns entertaining and being entertained.
It was nice to see everyone!
It was a nice, relaxed, summer gathering.

"Well, yeah, I know the colors on this thing, Uncle Donald, but I
didn't know this was gonna be a test!"

Anyway, that was it for the weekend.  It was very nice.  Happy Father's Day to my dad!

Hope everyone has a good week!

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