Sunday, September 11, 2016


Hey! Hope you guys had a great weekend!
Our week was sort of unusual. We got back into town on Tuesday evening from Phoenix.  Early Thursday morning Amy left for a meeting in Houston for work.  It was an overnight trip with co-workers.  My Mom and Dad took care of Raylan on Thursday during the day, and he spent the night at their house.
Thursday marked the 50th anniversary since the first episode of Star Trek aired, so on Thursday evening Ryan came over and we had a mini Star Trek party.  We drank beer, ate pizza and watched a couple of episodes ("Arena" and "The Enterprise Incident", to be specific).  It was fun to hang out and catch up and revel in some vintage Trek.  Thanks to Ryan for coming by!

This beer was actually pretty good, in addition to
being appropriately festive

Amy got back into town on Friday night.  I had dinner with my parents and Raylan at Central Market, and Amy was home to greet us by the time we returned.  Raylan was very excited to see his mom!
On Saturday we got up and spent a little bit of time outside after breakfast.

"You know what, Dad?  I like to lounge."
In the middle of the morning I headed out to Steiner Ranch.  My parents are converting one of their guest bedrooms into a playroom/bedroom for Raylan with a day bed sort of deal, so we offered to take their barely used, king-sized guest room bed off their hands.  Also, their neighbors, Doug and Nancy, are moving to Sun City in Georgetown, and they had a kitchen table that they were looking to unload.  It's a really nice, table, AND they had access to a free moving truck, courtesy of their realtor.  So Saturday turned into moving day.  Amy had a hair appointment that had already been rescheduled twice, so she headed off to that while Mom and Jamie watched Raylan.  Ryan, Dad, Doug and I moved furniture.  Thanks to Mom and Dad and Doug and Nancy for the nice furniture!  Thanks to Ryan and Jamie for the assist with the moving operation!

Raylan helps supervise the furniture delivery


New eating platform!
Saturday afternoon I got some exercise.  In the evening we watched the UTEP-UT game.  It was sort of a blowout, and UT once again looked pretty solid.  Still, it was fun to watch.

The fall of 2016.  Hopefully both of these signs are backing winners!
On Sunday morning we went to Kerbey for breakfast.  Raylan got up late, so he only got one breakfast this time.  Consequently, he was very focused on his eating.

After breakfast we went to the Austin Zoo.  We met up with Katerina and Logan.  We'd taken Raylan to the zoo once before, but, being older, he was much more interested in the animals this time.

Here Logan looks on in amazement as Raylan laughs at being splashed
by a bathing parrot.  Good times.

Amy tries to restrain Raylan as he charges at the goats

Logan takes things in while Raylan tries to figure out how you ride
these creatures.

Amy taming one of the wildest critters at the zoo

Sunday afternoon we got exercise and Raylan took a nap.  We rearranged toddler car seats, and I took my bike to the repair shop to have the brakes and shifter cables tightened up.
When Raylan woke up we all went to the grocery store together.
The store was a little crowded and crazy, but Raylan seemed to enjoy the outing, and we all had a good time.

Sunday night Amy made pasta with spinach, wine sauce, and sausage.  So gooood.

And that was the weekend.  Busy, but fun!
Have a great week!


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