Monday, July 25, 2016


Howdy, loyal readers! (and yes, I can assume you are loyal because otherwise you wouldn't be reading this)
Hope everyone had a nice week and weekend.
Last week I was at the Advanced Criminal Law seminar in Dallas from Monday through Thursday.
Jean came into town to visit Amy and Raylan and to help out while I was gone.
Sounds like she was a big help, and Amy and Raylan had a good time visiting with her.
Advanced was fine.  I've been to that seminar a number  of times over the years, and, to be honest, at this point it all feels a little repetitive.  Still, it's a good refresher.  Also, of course, it gives me pretty much all of my Continuing Legal Education credits for the year.

This was my seminar cell... er...hotel room

Having a post-class beer at the bar next to our hotel
with Afton, Allison, and Dan

I don't mean to sound overly sentimental, but the hardest part about going to the seminar was being away from Amy and Raylan for the better part of a week.  That's the longest that I've been gone since Raylan was born, and when you're spending large parts of each day watching repetitive lectures of DWI laws, there's a lot of time for your mind to wander and wonder how your family is doing.  Amy kept asking me if I had gotten caught up on sleep, but I actually had a hard time sleeping in a random hotel room without them around (although I did sneak in at least one nice nap).
Anyway, it was nice to get back home.
Amy dropped Jean off at the airport on Thursday night.  Friday I went back to work.
Saturday we got up and Dad stopped by with a water/sand table for Raylan.  We put it together in the back yard before Dad left to do some car shopping with Ryan.  It was really nice of Mom and Dad to get us the table, and for Dad to deliver it and help put it together.

Just like at my office, there were always at least two supervisors sitting
around to make sure I didn't mess up

"If you guys could find a way to fill this thing with
crackers, cheese, and hotdogs, I think we might
really be onto something..."

After Dad left we went to see Big Don at Strange Brew.  Big Don does hip hop for kids.  His show was fun.  Raylan started out a little bit wary, but eventually really enjoyed it.  Katerina (from Amy's office), Logan, and J.R. were there.  Raylan wandered around and danced a little to the music.  He's also starting to interact more with other kids, which is funny to watch.  He really loved one little girl's flower dress, but I'm not sure she was overly impressed with his display of appreciation (which mostly involved pawing at her). 

Big Don brings fresh beats and a smooth flow to
the Lower Austin kiddie hip hop circuit
After Big Don and some lunch/nap time, Chad and Mary came over with Truett.  Raylan and Truett hung out in the back, swimming in the kiddie pool, playing in the sprinkler toy, and playing with the sand and water table (although Raylan showed more interest in that last part).

South Austin water park
When all of the adults got too hot, we hung out inside for a while.  The kids had fun playing with Raylan's toys (there were some quality moments in his tunnel), and we had a good time chatting and drinking a few beers.

Chad does a dramatic reading from one of
our toddler magazines
And that was Saturday.  We tried to go out for dinner, but Raylan was a little tired (i.e., cranky) by then, so we stayed home.
On Sunday I went grocery shopping while Amy did house and Raylan stuff.  In the afternoon Amy went and had some pool time with Emily and Shelly while I hung out with Raylan.  In the evening I went to band practice.  I played bass and did some recording with Frank, Eric, and Reed (Jim was out).
Then we ate some BBQ chicken tacos and delicious cookies that Amy had made.

And that was the weekend!
It went by fast, but it was good.

Hope you guys had a good one!





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