Monday, July 11, 2016


Hey! The weekend was good, but, man, did it go by fast!

Well, first of all, we got to see Frank and Suk Hi Ross this week, which was a nice surprise.  They were visiting Texas from Vegas to see our family and some of their friends from their military days.  it was good to see them and catch up.  I really like to spend time with them, and I'm glad they got to meet Amy.  We only got to see them for lunch, because of our crazy schedule during the work week, but I'm glad that we got to connect.
What else?
Friday night we ate some Indian food and watched Ant-Man.  Amy did not love Ant-Man.  I found it mildly humorous and enjoyable, although it was not, as I initially maintained to Amy after viewing it, the best movie I had ever seen.  Still, it gave me some chuckles.  Amy was right, though, I think when she said that it felt like a movie that wasn't sure what it wanted to be.  It sort of shifted back and forth between comedy and straight up superhero action movie, and perhaps as a consequence, it wasn't extremely compelling as either.
Still, it was lighthearted and fun.  I enjoyed Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas, and Michael Peña (who was especially hilarious).
On Saturday morning I got us some breakfast tacos, and then we took Raylan to his Little Gym class.  He seemed to really enjoy it.  He was better at engaging with the group activities this week, and he loves walking on the balance beam (with a little help) and rolling and playing with balls and bubbles (less excited about the parachute games, but maybe they'll grow on him).
After class we played at the house for a while.

(Raylan and Amy make some art with window crayons.
This way the yard will look different every day when Raylan
looks at it through the windows.)

(Raylan and Amy listening to a CD and singing along.
Raylan has been going to a music class with my mom on Thursdays,
and the materials are from the class.  He seemed to recognize
some of the music.)

On Saturday night my parents did some babysitting and took Raylan out to Steiner Ranch. 
We got to go out to dinner, so we joined Ryan and Jamie for dinner at Guantanamera, a Cuban restaurant down near us in South Austin.
We had a nice evening with them.  It was good to catch up and see what  they were up to.  I guess Ryan is in Boston this week for a work trip, with upcoming trips to Oklahoma and maybe Dallas on the schedule, so we have to catch up with them when we can.
On Sunday we got up, and Mom and Dad dropped Raylan off back at our house.  We scooped him up and took him to go see our friends Shelly and Kit for breakfast.  We attempted to go to Snooze, a new breakfast place on South Lamar, but the crowd of people trying to get into that place was insane.  The parking lot of packed full, and there was a line of cars that backed up out onto South Lamar with people just trying to get in.  For what appears to be (judging by the web site) standard breakfast food.
But the place is new and has a buzz.
And this town is tragically hip.
Anywayz, we blew it off and went to Kerbey Lane.  We had good food and good service (from a waitress who seemed to be taking her fashion cues from Batman's Harley Quinn).  It was fun to hang out with Shelly and Kit.  Raylan had a good time, too.

("Who left this hat on the table?")

("You get me, Shelly.  You really get me...")

After breakfast we mostly hung out at the house. Raylan took a nap and then played in the yard in his pool.  Amy and I both exercised.
In the evening I grilled some fajitas for dinner.  Amy made guacamole to go with them.
Afterward we watched Mr. Robot.  It's a pretty good show.  Computer hackers waging a war against the modern, corrupt, corporate overlords.  But our main character is mentally ill.  And a bit of a drug addict.  Yeah, it's good, but a little bleak.
But good.

("Dad, I wanna help you grill, but they got me in
bloomers, Dad.  BLOOMERS!!"

And that was pretty much the weekend.  It went by way too fast. 
I will vote for any president who promises to try to create a three day weekend every week.  God help me, if that was a key component of Donald Trump's platform, I might have to consider-
I'm gonna stop there.

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