Monday, May 18, 2015

Four Weeks Down

So Raylan is a month old.  In some ways it seems like he's been with us longer than that, and in other ways it feels like the time has just flown by.  He's doing well.  He's a good baby.  Mostly only cries when he's hungry or wet (which seems fair), and the rest of the time he's pretty even natured (knock on wood).  When he's awake, he's often really awake.  Mostly he does baby stuff.  He seems to like baths and his play mat and faces.  He also likes being on people.   

"If you're too slow or clumsy when you change me, I'm gonna pee everywhere.
No pressure."
"But I'm not going to let my age define me."

We had some visitors this weekend.  On Saturday Mary and Chad came by with Truett, Mandy came over and brought us a tasty dinner casserole, and Ryan and Jamie stopped by, bearing gifts from Hawaii.  It was fun to have people come by, for sure.  We spend a lot of time at the house these days (we're not totally trapped, but the doc says Raylan won't really be ready for crowds until he hits six weeks), so visitors are awesome.
On Sunday my mom and dad came by after church, and they did some babysitting while we grabbed lunch and did some grocery shopping.  It's so very nice to have them around to help watch Raylan!  We even napped for a few minutes when we got back from the store.  So very nice...
And that's been about it.

It's great to finally see sun trying to break through the clouds after rain for more than a week.  We needed the rain, but my soul can only handle the gloom for so long.

I'm starting my second week back at work.  It'll be our first week of my being back at work without Jean or anyone else around to help Amy and I with some of the late night feeding/diaper stuff.  I'm sure we'll be a little tired, but it'll be fine. 

Not too much else to report.
We're all caught up on Game of Thrones.  It seems like the pace has picked up a bit this season.  It's been pretty good.  Best moment of the season so far has been Daenerys feeding one of her potential enemies to her dragons on the simple suspicion that they were part of a plot against her.  Dragons are the WMD pets of the GOT universe.  I want one.

Well, that's it.  Our veterans court crew is taking part in a joint graduation tonight for all of the Travis County treatment courts.  Apparently the governor's office is sending a representative to speak.  Sounds like a big to-do.  Treatment courts are the wave of the future.  In general, I'm in favor of them, but with a list of caveats.
But that's another post for another time....

Hope everyone is having a good week!


The League said...

That kid is the best.

J.S. said...

Thanks! He's looking forward to wrecking your stuff one day!