Monday, November 05, 2012


Well, last week was a pretty big week.  Amy got her bar exam results on Thursday and passed!  Even thought I was very confident that she would do well, I still breathed a sigh of relief when she got the news (and, obviously, I know that my own relief was just small fraction of the happiness that she felt).  I'm extremely proud of and happy for Amy!  The law school experience is not an easy one, and even though the large majority of people pass the bar exam, it's an extremely difficult test that really messes with your head and tests your nerves (it's a difficult test that's graded on a curve, so very few people walk out of the thing feeling like they're really sure that they did well).  We went out and had a few drinks with some of Amy's work friends on Thursday night to celebrate.  Those Lege Council people seem like a cool, friendly group.  I enjoyed hanging out with them.

this is how I look when I'm
preparing to rock
On Friday night we went to see an ACL taping for Delta Spirit.  It was a good show.  The band played with a lot of energy, and they have some songs that are really fun to listen to.  I'd seen them before, but it had been years back at The Parish, and obviously it was a totally different experience seeing them in the Moody Theater.  They seem to have been amking a slow transition from a band with a slightly more southern, regional sound into a band that has a more polished, mainstream appeal.  To be honest, I sort of like some of the earlier stuff a bit more just because I think it sounds a bit more unique, but the newer stuff is good, too, and it might broaden their audience base.  They've got a good stage presence and lots of energy in a live setting, so all of their stuff sounded really good on Friday night.
Several of Amy's work friends and their significant others were in attendance for the Delta Spirit taping, so after the show was over we all rolled over to The Highball for some karaoke.  It was ridiculous, hilarious, and fun.  I think it's fair to say that Delta Spirit paled in comparison to the level of performance that occurred in the karaoke room at the Highball of Friday night.
On Saturday we got breakfast, did a few chores, and went to the store.  I went for a nice bike ride.  I watched a good chunk of the UT football game, but then we had to leave to go to.... 

Dia de los Muertos altar.  If you look
closely you can see Grandpa Ross wearing
a multicolored hat on the middle row
... the annual Dia de los Muertos party over at Mike and Meg Alexander's house!  I brought pumpkin pie in honor of Grandpa Ross, who passed away this year, and Amy brought a homemade onion chip dip  in honor of her great grandmother, who also recently passed away.  The party was good.  People made sugar skulls and ate food and drank and were generally merry (although I'd sort of forgotten that merriment, for boys ages 5 to 10, generally involves beating on one another endlessly with nerf swords and martial arts maneuvers).  There were tamales and cookies and various hot and cold drinks and lots of different appetizers.  Amy and I chatted with Mike and Meg and several of their friends and neighbors and watched the face painting (very cool).  The house was decorated with colorful papel picado banners, candles, and colorful skeleton decorations.  Very nice people and a very nice time.

The view from Red Bud
on Sunday morning.
On Sunday we got up and took Cassidy to Red Bud Isle.  The weather was nice, the dogs were happy, and the people were friendly.  We walked around the park a few times and had a nice visit.  Cassidy really seemed to enjoy herself.  Afterwards I ran a few more errands.  Then I went for a bike ride with Amy during which we used my bike computer to mark off the distance of one of her jogging routes.  Afterward I went on a longer solo ride. 
Friday evening we had band practice.  We mostly all played acoustic instruments for a change, which I always enjoy.  Switching to acoustic really changes the whole sound of the band.  Good practice.  After practice we had dinner.  Amy made garlic chicken tacos, and they were really good!
And that was about it.  It was a very nice weekend.
Fall is going by soooo fast!  Enjoy it!           

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