Monday, December 19, 2011

The Weekend

The weekend was a good one!
On Thursday evening I had Veterans Court, and afterward I met up with Amy and a few friends at Polvo's for a few drinks and some food.
On Friday I took the day off, and Amy and I went to San Antonio for a short weekend trip.  We drove down on Friday morning and came back on Saturday evening.  On Friday we went over to Trinity (my old alma mater) so Amy could see the campus.  There's a lot of construction going on at Trinity, but the campus mostly looks the same.  It's a nice place, and Amy seemed genuinely interested in seeing it, so it was fun to show it to her.  In the evening we went over and had dinner at Mi Tierra in El Mercado.  I hadn't been there in many years, and the food was good!  After dinner we went and had drinks on the Riverwalk.  We stayed at the Menger Hotel.  It's a really cool, historic hotel.  I had recently read All the Pretty Horses, which included a reference or two to The Menger, and there are some cool, old pictures of Babe Ruth and other notable figures who've stayed there hanging up in the place.  Teddy Roosevelt recruited some of the Roughriders in the Menger's bar, which, as it turns out, is still a pretty cool place to have a beverage. 
On Saturday we got up and ate a bagel before heading to El Mercado for a little bit of shopping (we bought a spoon holder.  Yes, thanks to Amy's influence there's now an attractive item in my house that holds spoons).  After the market we went to the McNay, which is a really cool art museum that's built in a mansion (or at least one wing of it is a mansion) in Alamo Heights.  The McNay is a really cool place, both in terms of its art as well as the building and the grounds that surround it.  After the McNay we visited Mission San Jose on the south side before grabbing a sandwich and heading out. 
Things lighting up around The Menger

Strangely, trees always light up for Amy when she
walks by

Here I am feeling grateful that I never had to live
in a mission
It was a very nice trip.  Only a couple of days, but it felt longer to me.
Thanks to Amy for going!

Yesterday we went to see a production of the Nutcracker.  Reed's daughter was in it, and it was really fun (I'm not printing her name here because aren't you supposed to avoid mentioning the names of little kids in public pages on the internet?).  Anyway, she was a mouse and an angel and did a good job!  It was a nice production.
Last night I had Mono Ensemble practice.  Which was good.

So that's it!  Hope everyone is doing well! 
Hang in there.  Be good.  Santa's watching.  ;-)


Jean said...
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Jean said...

Shoot! I left off a crucial word. It sounds like a fun weekend. I am almost certain the last time Amy was at El Mercado she was still in her stroller.

J.S. said...

Well, we had a really good time! I hope to go back to San Antonio with her sometime soon. I hate it when I make a mistake posting a comment, too, by the way. So annoying!!