Monday, November 14, 2011


So it's been a pretty good week.  I already mentioned that Amy and I went to Paul Simon last Saturday.  On Wednesday night I went to dinner with Amy and Ryan and then we went to see Phantogram at the Mohawk.  I like Phantogram.  They have an interesting mix of synthesizers, loop tracks, live guitar, and now drums.  The show was pretty good, but the sound guy had the drums and bass up way too high in the mix.  I expect a lot of drums and low end from a band that leans toward the electronic, but I think that some of the distinguishing features of Phantogram as a band are the vocals by Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter, and, unfortunately, their vocals got drowned out quite a bit by the overwhelming pounding of the rhythm section.
Still, it was a good show, and it was fun to see Phantogram live.  I enjoyed them quite a bit (I've included photographic evidence documenting our enjoyment in case you're not convinced).
On Friday night we went to see the UT Jazz Orchestra at Bates Recital Hall.  Amy found out about the show, and it was a really good experience.  Much of the concert was made up of performances of student compositions (I think a number of the orchestra members are grad students), and the songs were really good.  Excellent musicianship, and some interesting tunes (Slush Pump Truck Stop springs to mind as one of the more creative pieces).

On Friday morning I stopped by the Veterans Day Parade and commemoration in front of the capitol.  It was a nice event.  I heard Lloyd Doggett speak, as well as several decorated veterans who had served in conflicts ranging from World War II up to Afghanistan and Iraq.  

Sunday we had Mono Ensemble practice, and Amy and I finished watching Season 1 of Treme, which we both enjoyed quite a bit.  Aside from that, the weekend involved some good meals (Amy one again made some delicious chilquiles on Friday), some errands, and a trip to the dog park.

So that's it!  Just wanted to say hi to everyone, mostly.  Last week was a pretty good week.  Between Paul Simon, Phantogram, The UT Jazz Orchestra, and Mono practice, it was a great week from a music standpoint.  For those who are interested, the UT Jazz Combos are going to be streaming their live performance tonight.  You can pick up the feed through this page.  

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