Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Palin's Perplexing Palm; Mas Effect; Americans Still Interested in Health Care Reform

Hope everyone is doing ok. I'm ok. Been having a hard time sleeping, though. Waking up and falling back to sleep and having weird dreams. I feel tired today.

Did everyone hear about this whole deal with Sarah Palin writing notes on her hand during her address at the Tea Party convention? Wow. Brings back memories of junior high class presentations, doesn't it? (But not high school presentations. Most people were smart enough to know that they'd be found out if they tried something like that in a setting as rarified as a high school classroom). Apparently she took some shots at Obama during her speech, chiding him for his use of a teleprompter, but photographers later managed to snap pictures of Palin's hand, and the words scrawled on it, apparently used as a memory aid during her speech. As humorous as the fact that she wrote on her hand were her choices of included phrases- things like "energy", "budget cuts" (which had been crossed out in favor of "tax cuts"), and "lift Americans' spirits". This woman is rapidly becoming the Dan Quayle of the Tea Party movement. Do we want a president who: 1) can't remember three main talking points, 2) is so unprepared for a major speaking engagement that she's making revisions to the notes on her hand the minute before she goes on stage, 3) needs to write down things like "lift Americans' spirits" (if she hadn't written that down in order to remember it, would she have been more likely to try to crush our spirits?), and 4) makes herself look like a hypocritical clown- deriding the president for his use of a teleprompter, knowing all the time that she has crib notes scribbled on her palm? This is what this much-hyped, populist, righteously indignant Tea Party has to offer this country?
Everyone go rent Idiocracy sometime in the next couple of nights. That sh*t is true, man.

Okay, I don't have much else to say today. I think I've played my way through the better part of Mass Effect 2, and it's been really entertaining. It's not quite as open ended or free flowing as Fallout 3 (another excellent role playing adventure game which relies on a variation of a first person shooter type of combat system), but Mass Effect 2 has good characters and a good plot and some very cool graphics. Part of the game involves running missions so that you can assemble your team (and additional missions so that you can earn the loyalty of the various team members), and the characters are interesting enough to make these missions pretty engaging.
Anyway, I've been enjoying the game. It's eaten up way too much of my time.

A new poll in the Washington Post continues to indicate that the majority of Americans would like to see Congress continue to move forward and pass some sort of substantial health care reform legislation. I don't know if this poll is accurate or not. I'm sure conservatives would say that the Post is just another newspaper with a liberal bias, and they wouldn't put much stock in their poll.
I hope Americans still understand the need for meaningful health care reform, though. I certainly still think we need it. We need to control costs, increase coverage, prevent disqualification for pre-existing conditions, and help sick Americans avoid medical bankruptcies. I still think these issues need to be addressed, even if we can't get a public option or some of the other outcomes that progressives have been looking for. Even if we aren't going to get exactly what we wanted, I still hope that progress can be made. I hope.

Well, that's all that I've got today.
Have a good one!


mrshl said...

Doesn't really bother me that she marked notes on her hand. Even if she criticized the use of a teleprompter (that's a pretty big difference in degree). No, what bugs me is her crossing out budget cuts in favor of tax cuts...

Typical of Tea Party / Republican philosophy. But only someone as inartful as Palin would make the conflation explicit.

J.S. said...

Well, I agree that the cross outs were ridiculous, but I found the whole thing ridiculous. I mean, granted, this wasn't the nes story of the year, but it still grants a little more insight into what kind of a person these Tea Party people are supporting as a possible candidate. I've been working in courtrooms on a daily basis for 11 years, doing all sorts of hearings and trials throughout that time, and I've never felt the need to write crib notes on my hand- and I'm not holding myself out as someone who's suitable to be the next president of our country. The use of a teleprompter may not be completely spontaneous (which I'm fine with, anyway- I prefer Obama's prepared eloquence to Palin's frequently incoherent "folksy" ramblings), but at least the use of a teleprompter suggests some level of professionalism and preparedness. Writing on your hand suggests that you're not even really ready for your sixth grade geography quiz (which, from what I've read, it also sounds like Palin would also probably struggle with).

The League said...

So... Palin makes fun of Obama for using a teleprompter? Isn't she the same Sarah Palin who gave the world's most incomprehensible resignation speech last year?

I mean, I feel better knowing she wasn't working from notes and isn't, I guess, completely insane. But having notes during a speech, especially someone who is giving new addresses DAILY, doesn't even make sense. Not to mention it opens up anyone in her own party who likes to appear prepared to criticism.