Friday, December 15, 2006

Frrrrrriiiiday!!!!!! Steanso gets next week off, so he's in a pretty good mood today, I gotta tell ya. Wheeeeeeeee!!!!!
Ok. Got that out of my system.
I guess that preliminary reports about the condition of Senator Johnson indicate that he's doing well, so I'm happy about that.
Last night was the Travis County Attorney's Office holiday party, so I attended that and got to hang out with.... well, all the people that I already work with for 8 hours every day, but at least this time there was some booze. It was a jolly, mirth-filled event, and it was nice to see everyone out having fun away from the office.
After the party I had dinner with Mandy (she made some very good pork tenderloin), and we watched The Office and The Daily Show.
And I hate to be the big a#%hole, but all of this drama over people who keep getting lost in the wilderness has got to stop. Three hiker/climbers got lost on Mount Hood this week, and now a ton of money and further risk to human lives are being expended in the effort to find them, despite the fact that these people put themselves into this situation with the full knowledge and understanding that they were undertaking a dangerous and potentially life-threatening task (and one which many other people would consider to be foolish, given the time of year and the conditions that the climbers were potentially facing) by climbing Mount Hood at this time of year. I'm in favor of taking some reasonable measures to find these guys, but if someone else gets hurt or killed while trying to save these climbers from their own reckless behavior, then I'm going to be really ticked off.
Well, I gotta run. Let's try to stay out of the deep wilderness until spring, ok Adventurers?

p.s.- now there are two more American climbers lost in China? Great. Now we're expecting people from other countries to risk their lives in order to save fools from the U.S..

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