Monday, August 28, 2006

The weekend wasn't bad. Friday night Donne Rene, Vicki, and the Whiskeetos came over for a few drinks and we had dinner (carryout from Curra's). Alicia came up from Houston to spend the weekend with Mandy, so she was there, too. Saturday I got up and went to Barton Springs for awhile, and met up with my parents, who had come into town to see some friends and (theoretically) to look at some retirement property. We had a late lunch at Trudy's and ran some errands. Saturday night I went over to Team Bloom's with Alicia and Mandy to celebrate Kim's birthday. It was a good time. One highlight (besides the Poseiden themed cake and the party hats) was the appearance of prodigal Adventurer Rosa Theofanis, who's been living up in D.C. for ummmm..... six months? Something like that. It was great to see her, and I hope to see her again this week.
This morning I got up and went to Barton Springs again, this time with Alicia and Mandy. It was nice. I napped in the shade under a big tree and then got up and went and had lunch with Karebear and The Admiral. We ate more Mexican food. Then Mono E practice, which was fairly rockin', although Frank didn't make it. We played (in addition to originals) songs by Tom Petty, The Eagles, The Pretenders, The Rolling Stones, Elvis Costello, Neil Young, and The Velvet Underground (and those are just the ones I remember- I'm actually pretty sure there was a Dylan song in there, too). After band practice I ate some dinner with Mandy and we watched an Entourage and a bit of the William Shatner roast on Comedy Central.
Now I need to go to bed.
Sleep tight, Adventurers.


Sigmund Bloom said...

The birthday party for Kim was a success - no cops, no property destroyed, no more liquor left in the freezer. The "Under the Sea" cake was a huge hit - bigs up to Emily and Brydie on that one.

Anonymous said...


I'm not sure that 'Karr Karector', (Jon Benet' case) has
DNA. Has he been proven to be a mammal? Was this just a clever ploy of his to secure free passage back to the United States, on a luxury airliner?

He wants a sex change operation...FROM WHAT TO WHAT! At least all of Austin's weirdos, have perfect-ly logical explainations to their existance.


Anonymous said...

Yeah. We did play a Dylan song. I think it was off of Planet Waves.