Tuesday, August 08, 2006

So, yes, we're back from the beach and back to work (well, some of us are back to work). The beach trip was good and relaxing. We celebrated Ellie Gamble's birthday and we all got to meet Greg "Big" Johnson's new girlfriend, Paris, who rode in from Houston with him. We played bocce ball, drank Summer Delight, captured small sea creatures (including the Twang Dwelling Mercerfish), failed to see Rami produce an interpretive dance, and ate some fish and fiddled around. It was a good trip.
I'm tired, however, following the trip. Kellie Jo (Mandy's sister) arrives back in town tonight after spending the last couple of weeks in Seattle. We'll all be glad to have her back. Roundball and McSteans (my brother and sis-in-law) are flying in on Wed. to do some house hunting and run some pre-move errands. Susan is also flying in from a trip to Nantucket, and just to round out the scoreboard- as of this writing, no one from Tejas Trail knows whether or not Gretchen has had her baby (so far as I know). Good? Are we all on the same page?
Also, just in case you haven't been reading the comments section, I talked to Kim and she's already out of surgery and doing pretty well (she was kind of loopy on meds when I talked to her, but she assured me that she was "feelin' no pain"). Apparently the doctor operated on her ankle as well as her ACL, and she's supposed to stay off her feet for at least the next 10 to 14 days. But she's at home, and she assured me that she had some champion napping on the schedule. I'm glad the Blooms made it to the beach.
Well, that's it for now. Hope all's well out there. Everyone keep Kim and Sigmund (and Mandy) in your thoughts.


Anonymous said...

Finally we heard this afternoon from Susan that Gretchen and Daniel have a healthy baby boy 7 lbs 8oz. More details to come....


Sigmund Bloom said...

More memories from the beach trip:

Team Bloom left Austin two hours after the Team Feral Elf/Tejas Trail caravan, and yet we arrived at the Mercer house only a few minutes after them... mysterious... Team Resinblow (Reid-Sensat-Bloom) established camp in the Mercer house, and Team Tejas Trail established camp in luxurious Tarrant House (sans electricity and cleanliness at first)

Friday night included lasagnes and rolls and the arrival of Big Johnson (with only Paris and a map with 17 turns to help navigate), L.E. Gamble (dropped off by her father who did not enter the fray - smartly), and Alicia and Collin (bearing breakfast casserole components). Paris and the girls played a good joke on Greg that inspired an uproar of laughter and disgust.

Saturday morning saw our first round of bloody marys (a bloody mary is made with whiskey and coke if you are a whiskeeto). The beach received us well. Team Bloom was happy to get Kim in the water, using her cane as a bar to hang onto. We made music, bocce ball, adult bevarages, sun, and fun.

Saturday night saw us take over the Crazy Cajun (303 beach avenue). Dont miss this place in Port A, folks. In fact, make a special trip just to say you got hammered at the crazy cajun. Tip the singer and ask him to play "eat some fish and fiddle around". Order the Hungry Cajun. You'll be happy you did. Also, Andy ate 1.5 lbs of mother crabbin crab in addition to his hungry cajun. And, It's Ellie's birthday (someone should take her dancing).

Andy FINALLY got the screen up at 1 am, just when we were all fading.

Sunday saw the assemblage of the breakfast casserole (that's what I'm talking about). The beach was more sparsely populated, more room for us to tear it down on the gulf coast. We finished the night at the Virginia's (the calamari was the highlight). Andy got the screen up in a timely fashion and we watched the ruta maya crack gig and lots of expertly done steadicam footage taken earlier in the weekend by our A.V. club, Feral Andy and Big Johnson.

Monday, we hit the road (each with one bag of recycling in the trunk - port A you really need to get on that train). A good time was had by all and there are hundreds of moments I have glossed over that are worth mentioning. Thanks to everyone for a great weekend and lots of patience and understanding for Team Bloom (working our way off the DL).

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun trip. Glad you were able to get some much needed R&R. Got photos?