Monday, January 11, 2021


Hi!  Well, this week has been a wild ride.  And to make that declaration after having just finished up 2020 is really saying something.

Of course, COVID continues to rage across the county (the U.S. surpassed 4,000 deaths in one day on Thursday for the first time ever).  Georgia had a runoff election for 2 Senate seats on Tuesday which ended up shifting the Senate to Democratic control.  On Wednesday, as Congress was certifying the electoral vote count to confirm Biden as President, Trump held a rally near the Capitol which ultimately ended with his followers marching on the Capitol and pretty much taking over the building.  Trump, during his speech at the rally, encouraged his followers to march on the Capitol and to show strength instead of weakness.  One rioter was shot and killed, several more died due to vaguely defined medical issues experienced during the riot, and a police officer died after being struck with a fire extinguisher.  Pipe bombs were found, people were arrested with weapons, and Senators and Congressmen had to be evacuated for safety.

On Thursday and Friday here in Austin, very large numbers of state troopers were deployed near the state capitol, although it seems like the protests here were pretty mild.

DPS forces gather near the capitol on Friday

Anyway, needless to say, the national news this week has been crazy.  Apparently now the Democrats are going to attempt a second impeachment as Trump wraps up his last 10 days in office.

Well, so that was last week.  On a more personal level, the kids were in school and doing fine, and Amy and I were both still working from home.

On Saturday we took the kids for a 3 mile hike on the Sunset Valley nature trail.   

They posed for this picture and asked for us to take it.

Raylan explains that he is leading
the way for Dad and Bella is
leading Mom.

On Saturday evening I had band practice with the guys.  All 5 of us were there for a socially distanced practice on Jim's back porch.  We played acoustic guitars and had a lot of fun.  It was a little cold outside, but Jim had his fire pit going, and it wasn't too bad.

Reed on drums

Frank tries to contain
his excitement

On Sunday we had a legitimate snow storm!  They had been saying we were gonna get snow, but the temperature predications were still a little above freezing, so I thought it would just be a few flakes.
Instead, it came down pretty hard and for a long time!
The temperatures did stay pretty much above freezing, so although the snow managed to blanket the lawns and trees pretty well, it seemed like the ice didn't accumulate too badly on the roads.

Bella has mixed feelings about the snow
Once we got Bella some mittens, she liked the snow a lot more.
She was super excited about this particular snowball and carried it around
for a long time on our walk.  A loooong time.
Walking around our neighborhood.  The kids seemed to enjoy it.

Our winter cottage....

Anyway, between the national media events and the snow storm, we had kind of a crazy week.

I hope everyone is doing okay.  Stay safe!!


Unknown said...

It's so funny. I see you three or four times a month at band practice and it was only at a recent band practice that I found out you were still writing a blog!

I thought you quit your blog years ago (but you know how rumors fly at band practice). I didn't even have your URL, but fortunately, google tracked your blog down pretty quick.

I've got some catching up to do.

That snow day was awesome and unbelievable. I moved to Austin in 1980 from Minnesota and we haven't had snow accumulation or those kind of fluffy snowflakes since sometime between '80 and '83.

Hope to see you this Saturday. Take care.

J.S. said...

Well, the blog is a little different these days, but it’s still here!