Monday, October 12, 2020

In Person Kindergarten and a Visit from Nana and Poppa Greg

Hi!  Well, it was a big week in our household!  This past Monday Raylan started in person kindergarten classes.  We had some trepidation about sending him back, and it's hard to know what's the right thing to do.  I'd been reading a bit that the transmission rates for the virus seem to be pretty low, especially among elementary aged kids, and his new school seems to be taking a lot of precautions.  They're at a fraction of their normal capacity, the kids wear masks, and everyone does a health screening each morning before entering the building.  Also, of course, Kiddo has been going to school for weeks, and nothing bad has happened (KNOCK ON WOOD).
Anyway, he actually started real kindergarten!
I was also nervous that it might just be too weird for him with all of the masks and social distancing rules and everything.
But he seems to really be loving it!  On his first day he told us we came to get him too early and he wasn't ready to leave.
He's making friends and learning and staying stimulated.  He seems to really enjoy it.  We couldn't be happier.  Kids are so adaptable....

Ready for the first day in the classroom
(well, he still needed his shoes)

Now he's really ready for his first day in class!

Mom walks Raylan to the front door with
Kiddo close behind (to be dropped off later)

So we made it through a whole week getting used to a new school schedule for Raylan.  It's kind of strange right now because both kids are going to school downtown, a choice which totally made sense when Amy and I both worked downtown, but now we're both working from home and the kids are commuting.  So that's weird.
But they're both in great schools and very happy, and we're very happy that things are working out so well.

On Friday, Jean and Greg came into town for a visit.
It was really nice.  The kids were SUPER excited about them coming, and had been asking about it for at least a week before they arrived. 

Kiddo shows off her super hero suit
for Poppa Greg

Raylan and Nana read one of the books that he "wrote"

Nana always brings presents.  Not sure what this one was,
but Kiddo seems excited

Nana throws playground balls at the kids on the swings.

On Saturday we all went fishing out at Lake Kyle.  We didn't catch anything, but we had fun.  Some people who were fishing near us caught several large fish.  So they're in there....

Kiddo tries to figure out her fishing pole

Greg sets up some bait while Raylan patiently waits

The Davis women scare the fish....

So we did some fishing for a while and then the kids played on the playground for a while at the park.  The kids were really well behaved out at the lake!

On Saturday evening Amy and he folks and the kids went out to my parents for dinner while I went to band practice over at Reed's house.  It sounds like they had a really great time out there, and I had a really good time hanging out with the guys at band practice.  We sounded pretty good.

On Sunday we sort of goofed around during the day.  I watched the kids while Amy and Jean went running.  Later, I went for a bike ride while they took the kids to the park.  That evening my folks watched the kids while we went out to dinner at Cypress Grill with Amy's parents.  We had a really nice dinner.  Good food and good company!

Jean, Amy, and Greg after dinner at Cypress

And that was pretty much it for the weekend.  It went by fast, but it was good.

Everyone have a good week this week and stay safe!

And I will leave you with this random pic of Raylan 
tracing Kiddo's body in our driveway!


Jean said...

Who are those old people? What the what?!

With that said, thank you for a wonderful weekend. As the Terminator said,
"I'll be back." Sooner rather than later.

J.S. said...

It was great to have you! See you soon!