Monday, September 14, 2020

Update- 1st day of Kindergarten

Howdy!  Well, it's starting to feel a little bit like Fall here in Austin.  We've had some unusually cool weather for September, including a day last week where the high was in the 70s (which is very unusual for Austin, where we're typically still in the high 90s around this time of year).

This past week was Raylan's first day of kindergarten!  It was very exciting, although not exactly what we would have been envisioning for him at this time last year.  He's started school with all online classes due to the pandemic.  
I think I was much more nervous about his first day of school than Raylan was, given my concerns about getting all of his programs and apps to work on his school-issued iPad.  Things have been going okay, though.  Amy and I are both helping him, and my mom is helping several days a week.  He has some face-to-cafe time with teachers and classmates, and then "asynchronous learning" where he completes assignments and projects.
All in all, we're very lucky that he is healthy, safe, and that he seems to have a really good school with good teachers and administrators (he is going to Mathews).

First day of school picture!

Ready to start kindergarten!

Aside from Raylan starting school, things are mostly just chugging along as they were before.  Kiddo is still going to her preschool, and Amy and I are both working at home.  We're hoping to finalize Kiddo's adoption in early November on National Adoption Day.  Very excited about that!

Raylan and Papa build a spaceship 

I tried to get Raylan to explain some of his
chalk drawings.  It took a while.

Raylan literally winds Kiddo up on the swing set

On Saturday morning I took the kids down to the Greenbelt to try to wear them out a little bit.

If you look closely in the background of this
pic, you can see rock climbers scaling that cliff

Both kids had fun "exploring", although
eventually Kiddo got tired

the kids add some rocks to Barton Creek

later on Saturday Amy helped the kids do some finger painting
 in the back yard

Dad v. Raylan checkers on Saturday afternoon

Saturday evening I had a back yard, social distance band practice with Therapy Pets over Reed's house.  It was fun.  I think we sounded pretty good.

Sunday morning I took the kids on a "bug hunt", which mostly just turned into a walk.  We saw some big turtles down by the creek.

A friendly, neighborhood cat.
Trying to teach the kids how to approach animals 
cautiously and gently.

Amy's friend and co-worker, Tyler, came by to pick up some baby gear that we've outgrown and which he can use for his baby daughter.

We had intended to have him just pick up the stuff in the driveway while we stayed in the house, but.... the kids were desperate to explain to him how the toys work  Also, Tyler had Pogo, his little dog with him, so there's no way the kids were gonna stay in the house with that dog in our driveway.

There's no way Tyler could have figured
out this tiny record player
without help

Later we played with Magna-Tiles

It was a good weekend.  Pretty busy, now that I'm looking back on it.  I also went for a bike ride each day and Amy went for a run.

So that's about it!  Hope everyone is doing okay and staying safe!

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