Monday, May 18, 2020


Well, we're still hanging in there through the coronavirus quarantine.  We're still working from home (which is pretty busy), my parents are still helping out with the kids (thanks!), and we're trying not to watch the news too much.  Things are feeling a little bit like Groundhog Day (get up, eat breakfast, get on the computer, go for a bike ride, get back on the computer, etc.).
I had a little video happy hour with some of the people who work on the mental health dockets at work, and that was nice.  We also briefly visited via computer with Ryan and Jamie this weekend.  It got cut a little short because the kids were already a little wired-tired and getting ready to get cleaned up for bed, but it was nice to see them!
I'm just gonna post a few pics from this week.

Amy took this pic.  Apparently Kiddo rode her balance
bike through a puddle and got her sandals wet.  So
she immediately got off her bike to put them on the
curb and "dry them in the sun"

Amy read an article in the paper about a woman who has been making art
and then giving it away for free in her front yard art gallery during the
pandemic.  Raylan and I rode our bikes over to Jinx Avenue and
snagged some artwork!

Amy made soap in the back yard with the kids.  Jean had sent the kit.
They had fun.  Thanks, Jean!

Grandma and Papa got Kiddo this inflatable outdoor
easel for her birthday.  The kids had a blast playing
 with it.
You wouldn't think this would be a great pool for diving practice, but....

Amy made us a dish from her childhood named Johnny Marzetti.
It was really good!  Apparently Teresa Marzetti, a restaurateur from Ohio,
invented the dish and named it after her brother-in-law.  I expect
Jamie or Heidi to produce a delicious dish called "Jason Steanso" any day now

Anyway, this is how we're living during the pandemic!  Everyone try to stay healthy!  If you do get sick, we wish you a speedy and painless recovery!

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The League said...

We have a dish called "Jason Steanso". It's a can of Dinty Moore Stew poured over a Hawaiian pizza and baked at 500 for an hour.