Monday, March 16, 2020


On Monday I took Raylan to the dentist.  He was fine with going, well behaved, and his teeth were fine.
This is how Raylan does waiting rooms
So later in the week things started getting a little weird with the coronavirus beginning to spread across the country.
Raylan was actually sick, complaining of chills and clocking in with a fever on Wednesday night.  Amy took him to the doctor on Thursday, and they said he had a virus, but not COVID-19.  He had a low fever on Thursday, which jumped into a higher fever by Thursday night.  I stayed home with him Friday, and he started to feel much better over the course of the day.  The kids' daycare closed on Friday due to contagion concerns, so Kiddo was home with us as well.

By Friday afternoon the kids were feeling well enough to
scamper up our tree
On Saturday we went to Dick Nichols Park for a bit.  We played around the house, and went out to Tarka for dinner for some Indian food.
I went to the store to do some grocery shopping for us, and the store was kind of a zoo, and lots of regular food items were missing from the shelves (no chicken or eggs and only a few loaves of bread).

What's a coronavirus?

Chillaxin' ladies

One of our last family meals out for a while, I would guess

Tarka throne
Kiddo enjoys some frozen yogurt after Tarka
Sunday was rainy and cooler.  We played with toys and watched some TV.

I went to the gym to get a run in on the elliptical (after carefully wiping things down).  They had every other cardio machine taped off so that they could insure safe distances between people who were using them.

That's it.  Things are weird.  The kids' school is closed, our offices are employing telecommuting, and Austin is starting to feel sort of like a ghost town.

Everyone wash your hands and stay healthy.

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