Tuesday, November 19, 2019


Quick update today.  Things have been very busy!

On Friday I had a diversity training (which was good).  I got home, and Raylan wanted to go out for dinner.  Not only did he want to go out for dinner, he specifically wanted to go to Tarka for Indian food.  On the drive to Tarka, halfway there, he told us he had changed his mind and wanted pizza.  We still went to Tarka, though, and he and Kiddo both liked it.  Afterwards we went to Dairy Queen for some ice cream.

Howling as the post-ice cream sugar rush hits.

On Saturday I played with the kids at the house in the morning while amy went for a jog.

Raylan scales the crape myrtle

Kiddo and Raylan do some swangin'.

In the afternoon we went over for a playdate at Cesar, Sue, and Dorothy's house.  Evie, Sam, and Charlie were there as well.  We walked to the park, and the kids had a lot of fun.  We also ordered some pizza and watched the UT - Iowa State game (UT totally blew that one with some stupid penalties towards the end and some just downright dumb play at various points throughout the game).  It was a fun get together for kids and adults alike.  Raylan was very sad to leave.

Evie, Raylan, and Kiddo on the see saw (with an Amy assist)

Pizza party!
On Sunday Amy took Kiddo for a jog in the stroller.  I took Raylan for a bike ride.  We rode 2.33 miles.  Raylan is back to using training wheels because he forgets how to stop and crashes (the balancing is apparently the easier part for him).

Bike ride on pause while Raylan tries to make friends with a neighborhood cat.
He rolled around on the ground and tried to act like the cat.  Weirdly, it
sort of worked.
Uncle Ryan stopped in for a surprise visit on Sunday afternoon.  Kiddo was sleeping, but Raylan was excited to see him and to have a short chance to play with him.

Sunday evening I played acoustic guitar music with Frank on our front porch because band practice had been cancelled.  We had a good time and even occasionally sounded good.

And that was about it!  Have a good week!

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