Monday, August 12, 2019


Hey! How is everyone doing?  It's really been getting hot outside, here in Austin.
My car thermometer was showing 102 degrees yesterday, and it's predicted to hit like 103 and 104 here today and tomorrow.
We had a pretty good weekend.
On Friday night we stayed in and had some Indian food.  Amy went to go work out/
On Saturday morning we got up and went to a play date over at Sam and Evie's house.  Dorothy and her parents came, too.  All of the kids are Raylan's age and go to his school (Sam and Evie being twins). 
The kids had a blast, and the parents had a good time visiting.
Although the afternoons are hot, the morning wasn't too bad.  The kids played in a kiddie pool in the back yard, and there was a nice shade tree.

Dorothy, Kiddo, Evie, Raylan, and Sam, hanging out
together in a non-school environment
After the play date we went out to Steiner.  We had lunch out there, and Kiddo and Raylan had some nap and rest time.  Afterward we went to Bella Mar pool.  The water felt good.
Mom made some chicken enchiladas for dinner.  They were really good.

Kiddo makes sure that everyone is ready to go, as dinner commences
After dinner, the kids were really tired (especially "no-nap" Raylan), so we headed home.

Sunday we were supposed to go to the pool with the Doggets, but Spencer woke up with some tummy trouble, so we didn't make it.  We went to Kerbey Lane for breakfast.

Amy wasn't feeling so great, either, so after breakfast, she stayed home with Raylan while I took Kiddo to the pool.
Kiddo and I had a lot of fun "swimming" and splashing around.  She played with two other little girls while she was there.
Raylan and Kiddo both took naps in the afternoon after lunch.

I had band practice in the evening with Reed, Frank, and Jim.
We sounded pretty good.

And that was the weekend!  It went by fast!

I didn't take a lot of pictures, but we had a good time.  You'll just have to take my word for it.  ;-)

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