Tuesday, February 04, 2014


Well, things have been pretty busy at work and at home, which has sort of thrown me off my blogging schedule a little bit. 
Life's been pretty good, though!
Last Thursday we had our friends Adam and Katie over for game night.  We had a good time!  Amy made some chicken tinga for dinner and we played Ticket to Ride.  Neither Amy nor I had ever played the game before, but we did okay for first timers, I think.  Ticket to Ride really made me realize that my knowledge/recollection of American geography is sorely lacking.  Adam and I got to drink a couple of fancy beers, and we jad a really good time just hanging out and catching up.

I don't remember what we did on Friday.  Maybe we took it easy?  I really don't remember.  I'm pretty sure we didn't go out anywhere or do anything too exciting.

Saturday I went for a bike ride during the day.  It was cloudy, but very warm for the beginning of February.  I was a little out of shape on the bike (which feels quite a bit different than the elliptical).  I haven't been riding all that much during the winter, mostly because of issues with cedar allergies.  It felt good to get out and pedal around South Austin.

Saturday night we went out to see a puppet show adaptation of Hamlet called Der Bestrafte Brudermorde.  We went with some of Amy's co-workers, and some initial skepticism on my part, it turned out to be pretty cool.  The show was an 18th century adaptation of a German version of Hamlet, and it was put on by Hidden Room Theatre -- in collaboration with Tiffany Stern of Oxford University and the American Shakespeare Center.  The whole thing was held at a Freemason's temple downtown Austin, and you had to use a password ("Horatio"- don't tell anyone) to get in.  The puppet show ended up being entertaining, funny, and weird.  There were two narrators, decked out in period attire, who stood in the front near the stage, lending voices to the puppets and entertaining the audience during scene changes on the puppet stage.

(a Shakespearean puppet show in a Freemason temple.
A David Lynch-esque Saturday night)
After the show we wandered over to The Gingerman with Amy's work friend gang and had a few beers.  That was really fun as well.  They seem like a really nice, cool group, and it's been fun getting to know them.

(here's the puppet gang.  If Mary got us all to go to a puppet
show, does that make her the Puppet Master?)

Sunday we went out to breakfast and did some chores.  I went over to Ryan and Jamie's house to watch the Superbowl in the eveing.  Holy smokes, that was a blowout.  I don't think anyone saw that coming.  Seattle stomped all over Denver.  It was ugly.
We had a good time, nonetheless.  Ryan grilled some chicken, Matt brought sauge, Juan brought veggie mushroom kabobs.  Nicole made pasta salad and queso, and brought homemade hummus.  All the food was very tasty!  Thanks to Ryan and Jamie for hosting.

And that was the weekend!  Pretty good!
Hope everyone is doing well, this week.


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