Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Weekend Update

Howdy!  Hope everyone is doing okay!  I posted a between-weekends bit about our night out to see Book of Mormon.  Check it out below if you are interested.
We had sort of a weird weekend.
On Saturday we had a good time going over Ryan and Jamie's house to watch the Texas-OU game.  We all sort of went into the game out a sense of obligation, expecting our Horns to get hammered, but determined to grimly stand by them, nonetheless.  Imagine our suprise (and excitement) when our unranked UT team handily beat #12 OU.  While I ended up thinking that OU had probably been ranked much higher than they really deserved, UT still played undeniably well and finally looked like the team of excelent football players that we had been promised in the preseason.
We had a fun time at the game.  Ryan made some burgers and hot dogs.  Amy made queso.  Nicole made cupcakes.  Juan brought veggies.  We had a good time.
For the rest of Saturday we mostly did some chores and just sort of chilled out.  We were taking care of Mandy's dogs while she was at ACL Fest, and we hung out with them a bit.  Saturday night we watched a bit of ACL Fest streaming from Zilker.
It started raining on Saturday night.  And then it started raining harder.  And then it kept raining.
To make a long story short, we ended up having water that came creeping into our laundry room and one corner of our kitchen on Saturday night/Sunday morning.  It was manageable with the small wet vac that I bought on a whim on clearance a few years ago (Jeff Wilson had once told me, "Every house should have a wet vac!"), but it was kind of disconcerting, nonetheless.  When we got up the next day we found out that a number of houses in Sunset Valley, maybe a mile or less from our house, had flooded.  A flood gauge at Highway 360 and Barton Creek, about 1.4 miles from our house, had reported 12 inches of rain the previous night.  The intersection of Jones Road and Manchaca, a major roadway near our house, had been closed, with flood debris and mud strewn across the a nearby bridge.  They had to bring in bulldozers to get the mud out.
So all in all we got off luckier than many, but it was still a weird night.

On Sunday we got up late because the storm had kept us up the night before.  We ate breakfast tacos and did some grocery shopping.  In the evening we joined my parents for dinner at Hyde Park Grill and had a really nice time with them.  After dinner I watched the Season premier of Walking Dead, and then crashed into bed. 

That was the weekend! 
Hope you guys are doing okay!

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