Monday, June 04, 2007

Sometimes I miss Jeff more than others (though I think of him every day). Lately I've been missing him a lot.
Partly it's because I love summer time. I love Barton Springs, backyard barbecues, warm summer nights with cold beer, long days, sunburns, toads and possums and other neighborhood wildlife, cold water, tubing, hot dogs, the Greenbelt, mosquito repellent, the beach, outdoor concerts, flip flops, charcoal, snow cones, long and rambling conversations that keep you up too late out on the porch, baseball, showing up for work with a sunburn after taking a sick day, and standing in the ocean. I miss Jeff a lot because he loved all of this stuff too, he got excited about it, and he loved sharing it with his friends.
I've been looking forward to summer all winter, but now that it's here I'm having a bit of a hard time with it.
Miss you, Jeff.

(Jeff and Sigmund at Krause Springs, 2006)

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Anonymous said...

Amen. What a good guy, and is missed a ton. A week or so ago, I was begging that he would leave me a sign to let me know he was being taken good care of . Last night, I had a dream Jeff met me at some unknown, obviously vacationy place. I wondered to myself if he knew he would soon pass on. Just when you want dreams to occur more linear….any way I was then on the top floor of this large building, seemed oddly similar to the building we worked at in Waco, and I desperately needed to get down to hook back up with him. The first avenue of egress I noticed was this ladder which turned into a rubbery material and I scurried back. After a couple of other dead ends I found some stairs which after a couple of steps turned impossibly steep and treacherous. I was then told (from no one in particular) I needed to trust the path I was given. I finally did--passing through a fight club of some indigenous tribe of some far away land. By the time I reached the bottom I couldn’t find him. While I awoke in a panic, I quickly felt easy as if he took this chance to come back just to deliver messages – in my case, I have been away from Church for a while and have over the last two years been back but doing a lot of questioning. To me, I had a clear message to stay on the path and I feel sure he is ok. Not sure why I wrote this but felt I needed to.