Friday, November 24, 2006

Post Thanksgiving family day. Karebear and The Admiral are still in town, continuing the Steans family Thanksgiving throwdown. Today we gathered 'round the tube for another part of the Thanksgiving tradition- watching the UT v. A&M game. UT ended up losing after a pretty weak performance, and to add injury to insult, Colt McCoy, our brave but apparently somewhat fragile young quarterback, ended up getting carried off the field on a stretcher after suffering a couple of questionable hits at the hands of the Texas A&M defense. To be honest, I really haven't been following UT incredibly closely this year, so the loss didn't sting as much as it might have in some prior years, but the game still sucked. Still, we had lots of leftover Thanksgiving grub, and I brought some tamales over as well, so the food was good, and it's always entertaining to watch a football game with my highly animated family.
Afterwards we were treated to a preview performance of Heather "Daredevil" Wagner's grad school presentation for next week on the difficulties of providing speech therapy services to the children of families from foreign backgrounds and cultures. Good work, Heather. You tell those professors that if you get anything less than an A++ that they'll have to answer to two large and surly Steans men.
I did a little shopping with the Steans clan after the game, and for dinner we headed over to The Brick Oven down on Slaughter. Dinner was yummy. After dinner we watched Silverado on cable.
So that's it.

Here's another photo of the Thanksgiving feast that we had yesterday at Ryan and Jamie's house (that empty chair on the end is mine, but I'm taking the photo).

And here's a picture of Cassidy that I took during a break from the festivities when I snuck out onto Ryan's back porch for a moment. Check out that tongue!!!!


Anonymous said...

It's certainly all about perspective. I didn't think the game sucked at all. I thought the game was great. :-) It took him long enough and nearly cost him his job, but Fran has finally closed the gap on Texas. I can't remember the last time that A&M dominated Texas on both sides of the line (probably in the early 90s). Last year A&M showed that they could run the ball. This year, A&M's defense also controlled the line of scrimage.

The first hit on Colt McCoy was a cheap shot all the way, and I'm glad that the A&M player was ejected. This is the second or third time this season that Heard was flagged for a roughing the passer, unsportsmenlike type penalty.

The second hit on Colt McCoy was not a cheap shot. It was a hard hit, and one that would have been flagged for roughing the passer in the NFL, but in college they don't flag the helmet to helmet hits.
Fran needed this victory in the worst possible way (he was previously 0-10 against Nebraska, OU, and Texas) especially with recruiting this year.

Texas had a great run though. I know if I were a Longhorn fan right now, the national championship from last year.

J.S. said...

UT just didn't show up to play. Hats off to the Ags for showing up with some sense of purpose. And I'm not saying Coack Fran should go, but this game shouldn't be the deciding factor one way or another in deciding whether to keep him. After all, he's still sporting a 1 and 9 record against UT (I think).

Anonymous said...

I agree to a certain extent. I think UT expected to walk through this game, and were surprised when they didn't. That 4th and 1 play on the first series inside the A&M 10 was the play of the game. After A&M stuffed that play, and then drove down and scored, you could feel A&M's confidence rising.

This game wasn't the deciding factor in keeping or firing Fran. A&M's AD would agree with you (as do I). Fran's job was safe for next year regardless of the outcome of this game. This year's team has played with a lot of heart, and played hard every game this year despite blowing several games (snatching defeat from the jaws of victory). The overall talent level of players is better despite the struggles that A&M is had recently. Fran has somehow managed to recruit players despite losing big games, having overall losing records, and lots of critics. A&M's facilities and fan base have helped Fran with recruiting, but the players still have to commit to him.

Case in point, when Fran played Texas for the first time in 2003, A&M had two players that were recruited by Texas and OU. This year, A&M had 24 players recruited by Texas and OU.

Next year's performance, and the following year will decide whether he keeps or loses his job.

Next year, A&M has to play OU, Tex Tech, Miami (FL), and Nebraska on the road. It's a vicious schedule. What this win does though is take a lot of pressure off of him, and help with recruiting this year. If he loses this game, other teams could tell recruits that are looking at A&M, "well. coach fran may not be there in two or three years. do you want to go to a school where the coaching staff is constantly in flux."

As A&M has found out, it's not always a smooth transition when changing coaches (it makes the Mackovic - Brown transfer that much more impressive). As frustrated as I have been with Fran, I was even acknowledging to friends and co-workers that A&M really has no choice, but to stick with Fran next year. This win probably gives him the year after that for free. But two sub-par seasons over the next two years will cost him his job.

Fran is 1-3 against Texas. He hasn't been there that long. He's 1-9 or 1-10 against OU, Nebraska, and Texas.

J.S. said...

All I'm saying is that most UT fans don't care if A&M keeps or fires Fran. He inspires very little fear. instead, most UT fans are just afraid of exactly what happened on Friday- that UT's players will show up acting like a bunch of prima donnas who feel like they are preordained to win, and they'll just phone in their effort. Of course, there's also the opposite end of the spectrum in which the young quarterback gets intimidated and panics. (which is why I miss Vince- he might have tried some stupid heroics, but I never saw that guy panic)

Anonymous said...

Well that's good to hear. It sounds like UT fans are smart. I don't think you should ever be worried about another team's coach. I don't think most A&M fans fear Mack Brown, but most feared Vince Young...

I do love hearing all the excuses after a UT loss though. Most of them of the variety:

"They came out flat. They played with no fire, ate too much turkey, etc..."

J.S. said...

Weedo, there may be some excuse making going on, but if you had thought UT would have any trouble beating A&M while playing at their usual level (and the level everyone expected to see them play at), I doubt you would have opted to go to see a movie instead of watching the game.

Anonymous said...

The reason I opted not to watch the game live had more to do with my perceptions of A&M players and coaches, and whether they could win any big game, and less to do with UT. If A&M were playing any quality opponent after Thanksgiving, I still would have seen the Bond movie because I was tired of watching A&M players and coaches give games away.

I agree though. On paper, UT has more talent than A&M, and should have won the game. On paper.

I also think that this year's UT team may not have been as good as people thought (myself included).