Monday, July 20, 2020


Hi!  It's been hot!  We've been working!  From home!  Grandma and Papa have been helping with childcare!
Basically, it's the same thing, different week.  Not bad, but.... repetitive...
Amy hangs out in the pool with the kids right after the end
of the work day on Wednesday.

Amy and Raylan make a number line.
Each one of those bags has a different number of items,
in ascending order.

Saturday means swimming at the Farleigh's pool, when
they're nice enough to let us!

Sunday Bug Hunt!!!

Raylan and Kiddo's outdoor art gallery!  They painted their
hands and feet and made art!

Beautiful Amy at the art gallery.  She was the art instructor.

Amy and her "assistant managers"

Raylan seems to love playing with the hose

Kiddo gets in on the hose game

I don't have too much else.  Played on the front porch with Frank!  It was fun.
Amy did lots of crafts with the kids!  I took Raylan for a bike ride.  I stopped off on one of my bike rides and chatted with Ryan and Jamie on their porch.
Took Raylan to Dairy Queen (drive through).

Just L-I-V-I-N!!!!

Hope everyone is doing okay!  Stay safe!

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