Monday, January 27, 2020


Well, it was a good weekend. Spring-like weather.

On Friday night we went out to dinner at Hyde Park Grill and the kids got Amy's Ice Cream afterwards.  There was much celebration.

Amy referees a debate at the dinner table Friday night

This cone was supposed to be smaller.

On Saturday morning we got up and went to The University of Texas Memorial Museum.  We met up with Robert, Marina, Lowry, and Mirabel (friends from the kids' school).  There were some Boy Scouts and naturalists doing some nature displays at some booths at the museum, and the kids had a fun time running around and looking at the dinosaur bones, animals, minerals, and other exhibits.

"Take my picture in front of the T. Rex head, Dad!"
Wish granted.

Raylan and Lowry, sort of posing for a picture.

Kiddo, Amy, and Raylan pose with Owlfred- who was, you know.... an owl....
After the museum we went to Crown & Anchor for some lunch.  It was kinda surreal to have lunch in one of the old law school haunts but to now have my kids running around the place.

Saturday afternoon my folks came over.  Dad helped me build some new patio furniture that we had ordered, and Mom played with the kids.  They were a big help.  Thanks, Mom and Dad!

On Sunday we had breakfast at La Posada.  Afterward we went down to Lady Bird Lake and walked for a bit around the hike and bike trail.  It was pretty fun.  There were a couple of times when the kids decided they didn't want to walk anymore, so there was some negotiation around that.  They both rode in the jogging stroller a bit.  Raylan brought his scooter and rode it for a while on the board walk.

Cool kid on the board walk.

Strolling with the stroller.
Sunday afternoon we went over to Mandy's house for a little while to hang out with Mandy, Spencer, and Darla Dog.  It was fun to chat.

We also played in our yard quite a bit.

Sunday night the kids had dinner, and then I went to band practice.

Finding  new ways to eat broccoli....
Band practice was fun, and we sounded pretty good.

And that was the weekend!  It flew by!

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