Monday, June 20, 2016

Father's Day Weekend 2016

Hey! Hope everyone had a good weekend! We had fun.  On Friday night we had a pretty good chicken dinner from Central Market and just sorta went to bed early.  I don't really remember anything other than going to Central Market to get food and then eating it later.
On Saturday morning I got up and fed Raylan some breakfast while trying to let Amy sleep in a few extra minutes. 
(Father-Son breakfast.  As usual, Raylan seems extremely amused by my
efforts at solo parenting)

After breakfast I took Raylan to his Little Gym class while Amy ran an errand or two.  It was fun!  This was Raylan's third gym class, and he seems to really be enjoying it.  He already has a surprising amount of confidence while crawling about on the mats and equipment, and he sort of/kind of interacts with the other kids a bit (or at least watches what they're up to).  He does some rolls and basic tumbling, and they sing little songs and stuff.  It's fun.

("My actual grandma isn't here, lady, but you'll do.
Check out my climbing moves...")

("If I've ever seemed standoffish during gym class, please forgive me.
You had me at 'bubbles'".)
Saturday afternoon Amy made a key lime pie (yeah!), and I played with Raylan.  I ran an errand, and we both worked out. 
My parents came over Saturday afternoon and picked up Raylan to take him to their house for the night.  He gets excited to see them, so it makes it easier to let him go to Grandma and Grandpa's house for the evening.
Amy and I went out to dinner with our friends Shelly and Kit at Din Ho.  Really good Chinese food.  Probably some of the best that I've had in Austin, for sure.  Afterward we went to play trivia at the Opal Divine's up north.  We met up with Kellie and Tommy for that.  It was fun!
So we had a good night out and went home and crashed into bed about 4 hours later than usual, for us.
The next morning we went out for breakfast and went grocery shopping.
Afterwards we both worked out, and then we went out to my parents' house.
It was a really nice afternoon!
We took Raylan to the pool.  Then Mom and Dad picked Raylan up and Amy and I got to hang out by the pool for a while, sans toddler.
We went back to their house to shower and change clothes and had a BBQ dinner from Rudy's.
For dessert we ate Amy's key lime pie, which was excellent.

("Dad, first Grandma and Grandpa picked me up, and then
we went to the pool, and then I we played with toys,
and then I read a book, and then I ate some food, and then-"

(Dad, Raylan, and I in a quick, pre-swimming

Then we went home that evening, put Raylan to bed, and watched Game of Thrones

We got up this morning, and I took Raylan to daycare and dropped him off.  He seemed happy to be back at school and playing with his friends.




 Hope everyone had a good weekend!




Jean said...

Great pictures Jason -- Happy Father's Day!

J.S. said...

Thanks! Hope Greg and your dad had a god Father's Day, and happy anniversary to you and Greg!