Monday, June 02, 2014


The weekend was good, but it went by so very, very fast.

On Friday we just sort of relaxed.  We watched some a British movie called In the Loop, which was pretty good.  It was basically a sort of comedy about a bunch of politicians in the lead up to the Iraq War.  We watched the beginning of the movie on Thursday, and I wasn't really feeling it.  I was a little tired, and the characters seemed a little ridiculous.  On Friday night, though, once we were more than half an hour in, I started to realize that the whole movie was a biting satire of the political process which led up to the quagmire of the Iraq War.  I started to enjoy the movie a lot more.  Maybe I was just in a better mood and not quite as tired.  I don't know.
Anyway, good flick.  Funny performances.  I'm looking forward to having Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor Who.  I hope they can find some writers to put together some decent scripts for him.
We also watched an episode of Cowboy Bebop.  Amy recently watched Princess Mononoke, so I guess she was still a little hungry for some more anime.  I've seen most of the Cowboy Bebop episodes before, but it's been a long time, so I didn't remember them that well.  Anyway, we enjoyed it.

On Saturday we went to the grocery store, ran some errands, and did some chores.  It was a little bit hot and muggy out, but I went for a bike ride, anyway.  The ride was a little tough, but I felt good afterwards.
Saturday night we went over to a birthday party for Matt over at Matt and Nicole's house.
We had a good time!  They had lots of good food, the company was entertaining and pleasant, and it was nice to finally get a chance to see Matt and Nicole's house.  We'd been hearing about it for some time.

(Matt contemplates the flickering candles atop the edible
symbol of his own mortality- a delicious carrot cake)

(a heapin' helpin' of liquor infused 'splainin')
On Sunday I went to church with Amy.  After church I sat in on a meeting of the Central Presbyterian Green Team.  The Green Team, headed up by our friend Jessie, is trying to plan and implement ways to make the Central Presbyterian congregation more environmentally conscious.  I know that Amy and Jessie are both excited about the group's potential, so it'll be fun to see how it shapes up.  On Sunday afternoon we went to Walmart for some trash cans (wheeee!) and had lunch and got some exercise.  Sunday evening I went to band practice over at Reed's house.  We had a nice rehearsal, even though I think we all agreed that we were a little tired.
Sunday night Amy made really delicious chicken tikka masala.  Really excellent.
After I did the dishes I did a little bit of stuff for work, and we went to bed.

That was it.  Pretty good weekend, but too short.  Hope you guys had a good one!

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