Monday, March 03, 2014

Weekend Update

Well, Amy left to go out of town on Thursday to spend some time with her family out in Arizona.  It's always sort of weird when Amy goes out of town.  I was single for a long time, but now I find myself a little discombobulated when she's gone.  In addition to, of course, simply missing her, I guess I'm a creature of habit, so things just feel weird when we're not together and doing our weekend routine. 
So I took Amy to the airport on Thursday.  Friday I worked all day.
This weekend the Alamo Drafthouse Ritz down on 6th Street was hosting a film noir festival. My brother, Ryan, is something of a film noir aficionado.  He's previously flown out to the Noir City film festival in San Francisco, which is one of the bigger film noir festivals in the country.  Eddie Muller is the founder of The Film Noir Foundation and it's president.  He hosts film noir screenings on Turner Classic Movies, as well as appearing a various festivals and events across the country.  Eddie hosted this smaller noir festival in Austin, bringing a collection of films with him- several of which can't be found anywhere other than in The Foundation's collection.   The Foundation's primary objective, aside from educating people about film noir and sharing a love of the genre, is to work on preserving classic film noir movies.  Many of the old noir films from the 1940's and 50's exist on old film stock, meaning that they're subject to decay and decomposition if not properly preserved.  The Film Noir Foundation raises money and engages in efforts to both preserve and digitize these classic movies, and profits from the Foundation's festivals are used toward that end.

(Tough guys Eddie Muller and Ryan Steans)

Anyway, I rode my bike down to 6th Street early on Friday evening to meet up with Ryan.  We had a beer at Shakespeare's and then wandered next door for a screening of Too Late for Tears, a 1949 movie about a criminal who gets much more than he bargains for when his bag full of money ends up in the hands of what initially appears to be a run-of-the-mill house wife.  The film stars Lizabeth Scott, Don DeFore, and Dan Duryea. 
I had a really good time.  I enjoyed the movie, I enjoyed riding my bike downtown to see it, I enjoyed hanging out with Ryan, and I even enjoyed the bus ride home. 

(6th Street Noir)

(As a side note, on the bus ride home I ended up chatting with two guys who were sitting next to me.  In the course of the conversation they both eventually ended up revealing that each of them had gotten arrested for DWI at some point in their past, and now each of them rode the bus downtown when they wanted to go out and have a drink or two with friends.  They were polite, amiable guys, and I told them that Capital Metro ought to put them in a public service announcement.)

On Saturday I took care of a few chores and  got a little exercise.  Ryan came over and we went back down to The Ritz for a screening of Larceny, starring John Payne, Joan Caulfield, Dan Duryea, and Shelley Winters.  I really enjoyed Larceny- maybe even more than Too Late for Tears.  I enjoyed both movies, but in Larceny the characters seemed a little more multidimensional and well-developed, which, in turn, gets you more invested in the plot line as an audience member.  Good movie.

Saturday night I went over to a birthday/Mardi Gras party at Mandy's house.  It was a lot of fun!  I saw Kim, Sigmund, Andy, Rami, Camille, Greg, and a bunch of other people that I hadn't seen in a while.  There was music and drinks and fun!

(Mardi Gras in the back yard)

(dance fever!)
So that was Saturday night. 
On Sunday I did exciting stuff like laundry, taxes, and shopping.  I watched a bit of House of Cards (although only one episode, I think.  I don't have the stamina for "binge watching").
Sunday night we had band practice.  Reed, Jim, Frank, and I got together to play.  I thought we sounded pretty good.  Eric's been gone a bit, so we've gotten more experienced at playing as a four piece (The Mono Quartet?), but it's coming along nicely. 
And that was the weekend.  It was good, but I'm ready for Amy to come back!



Jean said...

Thanks for sending Amy our way for a few days! We loved seeing her, but we missed you.

J.S. said...

Thanks, Jean! Looking forward to seeing you guys in May!