Monday, January 06, 2014

The Weekend

Hey!  Hope everyone's doing okay!
We're into January now.  January and February are traditionally not my favorite months.  They can seem like a sort of dark period between the festive holiday season and the fun and exciting Austin spring time.  These months cold and dark.  Also, if you live in Austin, January and the first half of February bring cedar fever season.  The cedar pollen counts get so high in Austin that even people who don't normally have allergies frequently develop symptoms.
But this year I'm working really hard at maintaining a positive attitude through the winter months.  I'm taking allergy medication and trying to exercise every day (which seems to make me feel better in terms of allergies).  Anyway, trying to keep my chin up this winter.  I guess that I'm sort of typing all of this in the hopes of strengthening my resolve.

But, annnnywaaay....

The weekend was good.  Friday night we stayed home and watched a movie.  PCU, to be precise.  PCU is a pretty ridiculous college movie from 1994 (I first saw it during my own college days) starring Jeremy Piven, David Spade, Jessica Walter, and Jon Favreau, among others.  The movie centers around a gang of misfit students who organize a giant party in order to raise money (in order to thwart a conspiracy to kick them off campus which was hatched by a conniving fraternity and a killjoy university president).  The movie's pretty dumb, but it's fun in it's stupidity, and it has some genuinely funny moments scattered throughout.  It also has that sort of party vibe that just makes you feel sort of good.  We had watched Back to School sometime in 2013, and Amy really enjoyed it, so we rolled the dice on this one, because it's somewhat in the same vein.  Pretty fun.
Anyway, that was Friday.

Saturday we ran a few errands. 
In the early evening we went to a retirement party for one of my co-workers, Kate.  The party was at the house which she lives in with her  husband, David, and it's a really nice place out in Westlake.  There were a bunch of people from my office and the courthouse at the party, and it was a good time.  We had a couple of drinks and chatted with people out on her porch, watching the sun set over the hills.
After the party we had dinner at Cypress Grill on the way home.  It was good.

Sunday we got up and had a good breakfast (eggs and sausage and hashbrowns).  We went to church.  One of our friends, Jessie, was being sworn in as a church elder at Central, so we were there for that.  Very nice.  Sunday afternoon we did a bunch of laundry and some chores.  Got a little exercise.
Sunday night we went to the Village Alamo and saw The Hobbit:  The Desolation of Smaug.  Now I know that there are points where the Hobbit movies diverge from the Tolkien books, and I know that this constitutes a heretical crime from many purists, but... I've been kinda liking these movies.  Can they be a little silly?  Yeah, at times they can.  On the other hand, they have a sense of humor, and I find them to be fun.  I'm still not exactly sure that Jackson needed to split a single book into three movies, each one clocking in at over two hours, but, nonetheless, I've enjoyed the ride.  I know that a lot of people just think that Jackson wanted to cash in with these movies, and this is probably true to some extent, but I think he also just loves Tolkien's Middle-earth, and he can't resist the chance to make movies in this world for as long as he can.  Still, with these Hobbit movies he's definitely left the door open for someone to come after him and make a "more pure" adaptation of the books in movie form.  I've been enjoying Jackson's Hobbit films, but I'm not without some sympathy for the argument that Tolkien's writing (which are obviously time-honored classics) should be messed with as little as possible.
Anyway, I still think that the Hobbit movies are fun if you can go into them without taking them too seriously.  (and given that the original novel was written as a work of children's literature, perhaps it's not inappropriate to ask the audience to lighten up and just enjoy the ride)

Anyway, that was our weekend.  I hope everyone else had a good one.
It's very cold here in Austin right now, with temperatures barely expected to make it out of the thirties over the next couple of days.  Everyone stay warm and enjoy your January!

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