Monday, April 08, 2013


Well, the weekend was nice.  It went by too fast, but I guess that's the sign of a weekend well lived.
I don't actually remember what we did on Friday.  I think we just relaxed.  Amy got home a little late.  I had made some chicken tacos in the crockpot, and we had those for dinner.
Saturday Amy got up in the morning and went to the hair salon to do hair stuff.  I did some laundry and played Max Payne 3 on my Xbox. 
This new Max Payne game is pretty good.  It actually has a decent story in which our damaged, ex-cop hero ends up working security for a very wealthy family down in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  The plot is fairly engaging (it deals with a kidnapping), the artwork is well-rendered, and the dialogue would hold its own against a fair number of modern day, noir-style movies.  The developers actually took pains to develop Max as more than just a player interface.  Max is a wreck of a human being (he drinks too much and spends more than a little time wallowing in self pity), but he's got a dark, dry sense of humor, and, of course, he never gives up (unless, of course, the person playing the game gives up).
I'm liking the game.  I need to find more time to work my way through it.

On Saturday we went to the grocery store.  After we got home, Amy and I went on a bike ride.  It was a beautiful day and a nice ride.  Amy pedals up hills much faster than me.  She doesn't ride as much as me, but she's in very good shape.  The slow hill climbing thing is a little discouraging for me since I spend a fair amount of time on my bike, but the bike book that Jean bought for me (Just Ride by Grant Petersen) warns that heavier riders will be slower going up hills, and it encourages bigger riders to just get up those inclines and not be discouraged by slow hill climbs.  I'm taking that advice to heart.  I figure getting a person my size up a hill at any speed is good exercise. 
(my dad ought to be driving this
car during retirement)
Anyway, we had a nice ride.  Very nice day.
Saturday night we went to Curra's and had some Mexican food.  It was really good.  The place was hopping because there was a classic car/hot rod show going on over on South Congress, a few blocks from the restaurant.  It was fun to see the restaurant buzzing with the people from the car rally along with the normal Saturday night hubbub.

When we got home on Saturday night we watched Safety Not Guaranteed on Netflix.  It was a pretty good movie.  It was funny and a little touching.   Without being too heavy handed, it had some interesting themes the passage of time and the relationship between time and  regret and opportunity.  I liked the movie.  Better than average, I'd say.

Sunday we went out for breakfast at Central Market.  We went to Target.  I went on another bike ride and stopped in to visit Ryan and Jamie.  Amy figured out how eBay works while I was gone, and now I'm pretty sure she's gonna start selling off my stuff when I'm not looking.
We had a good band practice Sunday evening with four of the five members of the band in attendance.
Amy made some delicious chicken tacos with poblano peppers for dinner.
At some point during the day I sat outside and played some mandolin (my folks got me a mandolin for my birthday, and I've been having a silly amount of fun with that thing- my neighbors probably think a clan of hillbillies have moved in next door).
Sunday night we watched the seaon 1 finale for Homeland.  That show is weird.  I don't totally love it, and yet I find it compelling.  I guess I don't really love the characters, but I still really want to see how the story plays out.  I'm not sure why, but I just have sort of mixed feelings about the show.  I know that I just don't buy the fact that Al Qaeda managed to turn the only two American POWs that they had just because these soldiers witnessed a drone strike where civilians were killed.  Going two for two in "turning" American soldiers into traitors because of something like that sounds a little far fetched (especially when at least one of them had a very nice family to return to and protect).  I think every American soldier who fought in Iraq or Afghanistan knows that our military inflicts a lot of collateral damage casualties among the civilian population.  Anyway, the fact that I care enough about the show to even have mixed feelings about it probably says something for it. 
Those Homeland folks definitely do a good job of keeping me hooked.

So that was our weekend.  Peaceful, nice, and quick.
I hope everyone else is off to a good start with their week!


Anonymous said...

Looks like a 55 Chevrolet. I learned to drive in a 54 Chevy and while in the Air Force I drove a 58 Chevy convertible. It would be fun to have the 58 again.


J.S. said...

And for bonus points you have to try to identify the type of plane represented by that little model mounted on the hood in front of the turbocharger! (if you click on the picture it will get a little bigger for you)

Anonymous said...

Well, it is not the stock hood ornament and it is not any airplane that I recognize - especially given that it has no vertical or horizontal stabilizers (tail section). Go find it again and get a side shot. Then maybe I can come up with something :-)