Sunday, December 09, 2007

Ryan and Jamie's Holiday Heckstravaganza

Cassidy amongst fallen leaves. "You're not going to abandon me to go to some party, are you?"

Kim, Rami, Steven, and Sig, kicking it on the patio.

People enjoy food and stuff. Cousin Sue chats it up with Eric.

Andy F. shows off the "grand prize" that he won in the door prize contest. Note that Roundball appears upon a tee shirt worn by the bear.

The hour grows late, and Roundball explains that kids at his high school didn't have no use for learnin' evolution or natural selection.


The League said...

Because everyone got their dander up and wanted to tell me about how crappy my education had been, I never really got to get around to my point regarding what you learn in high school versus college. Unfortunately, I was.... uhm.... having too much fun to make a coherent point.

I did, in fact, learn about natural selection, etc... but cladiograms, etc... were a pretty solid method of clearly demonstrating the method in which natural selection works.

The League said...

Oh, and thanks for taking pictures.

Steven G. Harms said...

Although the rousing defense of your incomplete education was much better as the bourbon led your voice to sound a bit like a Louisiana landowner.

The League said...

If that worked for you, I will be sure to be as soaked in bourbon as possible each time we meet.