Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Hey, guys. Sorry the blogging has been kind of weak lately, but I've just been really busy.

Last night I got together with Crackbass and Jackbart to watch Inferno, a "horror" movie from 1980 by artsy Italian phenom Dario Argento. IMDB had this to say by way of description about Inferno, "Semi-sequal to 'Suspiria' has a American college student in Rome, and his sister in New York investigating a series of killings in both locations where their resident addresses are the domain of two covens of witches. " This is probably my second or third Dario Argento film (I know I've seen Deep Red, and maybe another one as well, but I'm not sure), and I've just got to say that I don't really get them. They're not really scary, and typically they don't even make a whole lot of sense. I guess they're kind of good at evoking a dreamy, hypnotic mood, but mostly that kind of thing just puts me to sleep (quite literally, in last night's case). Anyway, if anyone out there is a big fan of Dario Argento (and someone must be because I keep reading about how great he is in different articles, and I know that George Romero totally dug him), I wouldn't mind if you posted a comment telling me why you dig him, because I just can't seem to figure him out.
Other from that, I don't have too much to report. Another large tree branch fell in my backyard, narrowly missing my house and fortunately missing Cassidy, who was out back at the time.
The new job is going pretty well, but it just doesn't leave me with a whole lot of free time for going out to lunch, blogging, and keeping up with all of my friends in and out of the courthouse. Hopefully things will eventually get easier in that regard.
The Astros play tonight, and I still am hoping that they beat St. Louis to make it to the World Series. Houston has done an admirable job within the past year of trying to care for Hurricane Katrina and Rita evacuees, and I think that the people over there deserve to have some fun and excitement for awhile.
That's it for now. To all of you people who I'm not getting to talk to as regularly as I should (in light of the new job), I apologize, but bear with me! It'll get better soon! Hopefully...


Chris Alexander said...

Did anybody else shed a tear when Lidge threw that slider to Pujols in the top of the ninth? I stopped sobbing long enough contemplate that there may be a curse upon my beloved Astros.

Damn you, Albert Pujols for hitting that home run and damn you Brad Lidge for not walking him to get to Larry Walker and for not having a cool nickname like "Goose", "Fats", "Footbone" or "A-Train". Iam very disappointed in both of you and I guarantee that I will indeed play a joke, and I may even go pee-pee in your cola-like beverage of choice.

Dick is creepy

good will,
Yuri the G

Chris Alexander said...

By the might want to hire a professional arborist to check out the tree(s) that are dropping branches...they might have contracted disease or a rot type.

good will,
Yuri the G

CrackBass said...

damn. I saw that there were two posts, and i excitedly clicked to read them. i was really hoping to get someone's insight into Argento movies. Instead I got this bullsh!t.
I personally like the argento flicks - they have a lot more imagination than most of the horror schlock i see (see the remake of The Fog, for example) They do tend to move slowly at times, but I do think they make sense fro the most part (maybe not the hot witch, but hey- what do you want? she's a hot witch) and I find them suspenseful and creepy. Plus, they normally have great kill scenes. Looking for JackBart's review, or perhaps Roundball's - they both went to ilm school. Don't they just make you watch these kinds of flicks and learn to appreciate them in ways non film schoolers cant?

Chris Alexander said...
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Anonymous said...

Little Elf girl here. I have yet to figure out and/or reset my password. I won't bitch about that, what I will bitch about is...Hey, remember my excitement about going to scary movies! I pled my case to attend this genre with you guys almost a year ago so guess you forgot. Shame on you especially, Steanso! After reading the blog, I felt as if I'd sat home on prom night with my thumb in my yahoo while you guys were enjoying a seemingly good horror flick. Argentinian at that! Good kill scenes!?!
I don't require much attention from you guys during movies. Usually if you feed me some whiskey and popcorn I somewhat tolerable.

CrackBass said...

"Usually if you feed me some whiskey and popcorn I somewhat tolerable."

What the elf fails to mention is that you will have to : a) provide the whiskey, b) get the whiskey down from the high fridge top, c) add more whiskey to elf's drink, as the whiskey drink you made her (strong enough to peel paint from walls and make most men blind) taste like "it's all coke". But elf, we honor you next weekend, and invite you to please join us in the following week for a horror movie.

J.S. said...

Everyone play nice on the blog (this includes you, Crackbass, you misanthropic freak). Elf, I'm going to cut you out of all kinds of activities if that means that you're going to be sitting around the house with your thumb in your yahoo.

CrackBass said...

7 posts, and still, where's my Argento insight? and, when wasn't i nice? I didnt point out that elf mistook agento for arentina, did i? i also invited elf to come to a movie night. I also igbored Yuri G's dick comments. what more do you want from me? misanthrope?

Chris Alexander said...

What "dick" comments were you referring to, in my post?

I think it was pretty "dick"- free.

As far as Argento is concerned I understand that he is known in some circles as the Italian Hitchcock, but his body of work is way too inconsistent to earn such a comparison...Similar to most artists his early works like the beautiful and disturbing Three Mothers trilogy( Suspiria, Inferno, and Tenebrae)are without question, darkly brilliant. Following those films proved to be hard work apparantly with clunkers like Trauma, Do You Like Hitchcock and his rendition of Phantom of the Opera ( the only reason to see this movie is his gorgeous daughter, Asia). They are examples of Argento falling into a period of self parody with uncharacteristic laughable scenes where the plot becomes muddled and almost unwatchable. The only recent film of his, that lives up to his dark reputation is Sleepless which came out five years ago (I saw it at an art house movie theatre in Chicago).

So, is Dario Argento a film making genius? You bet, his ability to transform a wickedly, horrorific story into a work of cinematic art is astouding and intense.

And I agree with you, Crackbass, because even Dario's worse is better than modern Hollywood's best.

good will,