Monday, October 17, 2005

Alright, I missed making a Friday post. I'm sure that all of your weekends were ruined as you sat around wringing your hands and wondering what had become of Steanso. The truth of the matter is that Steanso has just been furiously busy with the new job and could not get to a computer on Friday. The blogging is probably gonna suffer a bit until Steanso manages to get the hang of this new job.
Friday night Steanso had Crack practice after having a drink with law school pal Nhut Tan Tran. It was good to see Newt. Saturday Steanso travelled behind enemy lines in order to attend the A&M v. OSU game with Weedo (A&M won handily). Steanso was supposed to go out with Nhut Tan again on Saturday, but we got back from the game pretty late and pretty tired, and I missed him. Hope you had a good time, Newt. Sunday was a combination of the dog park and Mono Ensemble practice.
Steanso sends out a belated birthday greeting to Jim Gillespie, bass and sax man for the Mono Ensemble. Sorry that we pretty much missed your birthday, Jim. I'm notoriously bad about that kind of stuff.
And how cool is this? (see, Dead Man? I can hide my links when I want to....)
The Astros are one win away from heading to the World Series! I would never claim to be the world's biggest baseball fan, but ever since I was a kid (when we lived in Houston) I've kind of watched the Astros from a distance and hoped that they could overcome their critics and make it to the World Series. This summer I managed to catch two Astros games (seeing them lose to the Rangers and beat Milwaukee), and I had a lot of fun at both games. The Astros are just one of those underdog teams that I can't help but like, so I wish them the best of luck tonight. I definitely need to try to watch that game.
I've perused the news, and although the proverbial sands of time keep flowing through the hour glass, I didn't see anything in particular which managed to launch me into a rant. Hope everyone has good Monday.
Maybe more later if there's time.


CrackBass said...

this post sucks-diddily-ucks. what happened to the post of sunday discussing A&M and the "normalcy" therein? and your flagrant attacks upon that normalcy?
and, how did your strohs do last night? oh yeah. they fell apart. that sucks. better luck tomorrow. we're all pulling for the strohs, even though we may be rangers fans, a texas team is better than a non-texas team. (although it was this foolish line of thought that led me to vote for bush in the first election - stupid! stupid!- i hate me too)

Cobra Kai Dojo said...

Instead of watching baseball, I went to the Neil Diamond concert last night.
That's right. Neil Diamond.
65 years old, and Nashvillian women are still flinging undergarments at him.
(Although, as I said to the wife, the front row was a veritable "COUGAR DEN", and said undergarments were undeniably sketchy...)

Quite a show. Nine Inch Nails playing on Halloween....

Sweep the leg,

CrackBass said...

I will have you know that my mother, in her infinite wisdom, named me after Neil Diamond. I have never seen him live. Rick Rubin is producing his new album. Hope you had fun. Just cause old fat ladies throw their gear at him, it don't mean he's cool. It doesn't mean he's not, though.

CrackBass said...

Man, i really miss the good old days when you knew exactly where you were going when you clicked on a link. Not this hiddne link bullshit. It' like you have suddenly become a republican, hiding the ball...

Chris Alexander said...

Happy belated birthday, Jim.