Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Well God bless Travis County District Attorney Ronnie Earle.

Tom Delay was indicted today by a Travis County grand jury for conspiring to illegally funnel corporate donations into campaign finance coffers through his political action group, TRMPAC. Why do I say God bless Ronnie Earle? Well, it's not because I think he's playing partisan politics and simply causing problems for powerful Republicans. Instead, I'm impressed that Earle is willing to pursue prosecution against Delay despite the fact that Delay will undoubtedly use his position of power as House of Representatives Majority Leader (a position he has currently stepped down from) to launch smear attacks against Earle and generally try to make the district attorney's life as difficult as possible. If the fact that Ronnie Earle is a Democrat has any bearing on delay's case at all, it comes in the fact that there are at least a few non-Republican officals left down in texas who are not going to toe the Republican party line. I don't believe that Earle is playing party politics on this issue or committing some evil act by going after Delay. I think that Earle is doing the right thing- following the law and refusing to overlook Delay's corruption when others have been afraid or unwilling to do so. You go, Ronnie! Your willingness to stand up to Republican corruption and threats just might remind the rest of the country that there are still a few people trying to do the right thing down here in Texas.
Not too much else to report. I'm still trying to transfer my criminal cases to other attorneys and get ready to start my new job. I went over to the Shaw house last night. Meredith is growing like a weed (or like a Weedo?? Get it? Weedo??). She joined us for some of the Bob Dylan documentary on PBS before cartwheeling off to bed.
I spent some time down at the Social Security office today getting a new card for my new jobby job. Boy, is the federal government ever a model of efficiency. Some of the "customers" in the office had apparently been waiting for over three hours, and when one of them bitched, some clerk came out from behind the counter and told us that we were lucky we didn't live in San Marcos because down at that office we would have to sit in line for five hours. I fueled the insurgency by pointing out to the people in line that the inefficiency in San Marcos didn't make this office any better- it just made San Marcos even sh*ttier. Anyway, by the time I got to the front of the line, I had made some new friends and learned to refer to federal employees as motherf*ckers in several different languages. I still don't see why that line was moving so slowly. From what I could see, even a monkey could have processed our paperwork more quickly than the people behind the counter in that office.
Well, that's it for now. Peace out, chitlins.


JackBart said...

Didn't Ronnie once indict HIMSELF?

J.S. said...

What? I don't think so. Are you serious?

JackBart said...

Yeah, I thought read somewhere that he indicted himself on breaking campaign finance rules or something, and was fined.