Wednesday, August 03, 2005

In talking to my brother the other night (that's Roundball to the uninitiated), the point was brought up that the existence of my blog, or more specifically, the expression of certain viewpoints on it, could potentially be detrimental to my job search during my current period of unemployment.
"No way!" I replied to my brother's concerns, "No one reads The Adventures of Steanso, and even if they did, I can't imagine that anyone would take it seriously."
My brother, who works in a university setting, but who is often more attuned to the workings of the outside world than myself (the criminal defense community being the insular, incestuous little community that it is) pointed out, "Well, we Google all of our applicants when the applications come in. You know what pops up when I Google your name, Dude?"
I held my breath, hoping the search engine had been mistakenly tying my name to some kind of Nobel prize candidate forum.
"Your name produces the Adventures of Steanso and a link to NORML."
"Hey, NORML is ok! A few of my clients were in it and they got me signed up in order to fight harsh sentencing standards for marijuana convictions, and also Willie Nelson is on the Board of Directors and..."
"Totally missing the point."
"Which is?"
"The Adventures of Steanso is going to pop up as like the first thing when you get blogged, and ten seconds after that, your potential employers are gonna be reading your rants about left wing politics."
I chewed that over for a moment before saying, "But is that gonna matter? I mean, I would still hire someone if they were qualified and seemed cool even if their political views were different than mine."
"I don't know, man. All I know is that when I had my last interview, like the second question that the guy asked was, 'So tell me about this blog of yours...'"

And there you have it. There's the problem. Will potential employers read my blog and be offended? If they are offended by it, are they the kinds of people I should be working for anyway? (I mean, I try not to make any personal attacks against anyone on my blog, so if they're going to be getting mad, it's a safe bet it's gonna be because of my politics or other opinions I've expressed on the blog, which are my opinions, so in a sense, if they don't like the blog they probably won't like me)

I see several potential options:
A) shutting down the Adventures of Steanso until I have a job (or even thereafter, if the whole thing is gonna be a problem)
B) toning myself down and limiting the blog to noncontroversial topics (although I gotta say that this isn't a very appealing option, because the whole thing that's kept this blog going in the first place is the catharsis that I get out of venting about things- or at least talking things through- on The Adventures)
C) carrying on and hoping that employment people either: 1)don't see the blog, 2) like the blog, or 3) can manage to agree to disagree with me about what's on it

I guess that the whole issue bothers me because I feel like there ought to be a place out there where people can express their opinions without being sanctioned for it. I never asked everyone to agree with me on the blog, and in fact, I wish people would express their opinions or disagreements more often. It makes for better reading. Hell, if people could learn to deal with each other in better ways when they're in disagreement, I think it would make for a much better country. Can't we talk about things that we don't agree about without constantly becoming offended? I don't want people to get offended by what I put on here, but I do want to have the freedom to be able to say what I please (as long as I'm not just using the blog as a staging platform for personal attacks). And I was serious when I said that I would never turn someone down for a job just because their political, religious, or philosophical beliefs differed from mine. Can't we all just get along?

So, anyway, I'm in a bit of a conundrum. Mostly, though, I just have a hard time believing that enough people read this thing to cause me significant problems, but let's also hope that those people who do read the blog are happy readers. Maybe happy enough to want to give me a job.

p.s. Bolton gets confirmed for U.N. Ambassador. Bush and crew give the global community the finger one more time. Kickass. Not.


JMD said...

I doubt shutting down the blog would be fruitful, as it will still come up in the Google cache for a while, I would think.

The League said...

It is true that you The Adventures of Steanso will show up in Google searches for some time after you shut down. However, if it is shut down, when they attempt to visit your site, the link won't work.

Given the capacity in which you are represented on the NORML page, it shouldn't be any worry. You are, after all, a defense attorney.

Just remember, Google is everywhere. It's doing a very good job for The Man.

lee said...

Quite the conundrum. You blog, therefore you are. On the other hand, if you blog, you may be unemployed.

Not to worry my brotha. Blogging didn't cause the unemployment. It is unlikely to perpetuate it. You live in Austin. Nearly everybody there agrees with some form of the special political rants and ballyhoos Steanso has carved out. As a person born and raised in Austin, I feel comfortable asserting that most Austinites are far from offended by the concept of NORML.

Keep on truckin' my disaffected amigo. It gives me something to read instead of interrogatories.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with the other folks. Having a job is about more than the specific tasks you do. It's about doing something that you enjoy in an environment where you can achieve your potential. You have a lot of potential. Probably more than most. Don't settle for the first thing that comes along. If someone holds the blog against you, you probably would have hated working with them anyway.

CrackBass said...

Hey! Who is stealing my identity? Or NotStealingIt? WHO?????????

J.S. said...

It does pose an interesting question. Who WOULD want to associate themselves with the name Jeff Wilson?

Anonymous said...

Why does Crackbass assume that it has anything to do with him. According to Anywho, there are 108 Jeff Wilsons in Texas alone. And, of course, millions who are notjeffwilson....

CrackBass said...

This personal attack and attempt to steal my thunder suddenly has taken on the tone of my nemesis....Mr. Jack Lazarus, I suspect.

J.S. said...

Jack Lazarus? You know a porn star superhero?