Friday, June 10, 2005

Hey, there. I just got back from court, it's 4:00 p.m. on Friday, and I'm hot and tired. I had a nice lunch today with Rosa and Kim which involved a lot of talk about movies, the remaking of old movies, and the various ways in which Obsessive Compulsive Disorder can manifest itself. I've been suggesting to Jennifer Kraber that we should go itno business on a drive-in movie theater (preferably one with a beer and liquor license in a cool, Austin setting and with big fans that can cool people if they want to sit outside their cars on the lawn on warm summer nights). We are now accepting investment capital from those of you who are ready to become silent partners and retire into a life of luxury after reaping the rewards of our vision.
In other news, my boss, Travis, apparently spent most of his night last night at the scene of an officer involved shooting which has already made the news in the local paper.
Our firm is affiliated with CLEAT, which is basically a law enforcement union that represents, among many other organizations, the Austin Police Department. When any kind of death occurs as a result of an Austin police officer taking action in the line of duty, an internal affairs investigation is immediately launched to look into the incident and CLEAT calls us (or one of a handful of preselected lawyers) to the scene to provide representation for the police officers who were involved in the incident. Anyway, this shooting looks to be confusing and messy, but it'll probably be interesting and provide a bit of a diversion form our usual criminal defense activities. I can't really talk about any details of these cases as they are going on, but go ahead and think of our office when you see follow up stories about this case on the news, ok?

Well, Crackbass has cancelled Crack practice for tonight for little or no discernible reason, kids. Kim Bloom (K.B. for short), wife of Crack's trombone player Sigmund "Rusty" Bloom and an inside member of the Crack entourage's inner circle, has speculated that Crackbass may, in fact, be losing interest in performing with Crack altogether. Could this be true? Could the demise of America's newest and greatest performance art band already be looming on the horizon? Say it ain't so, Crackbass!! Crack fans around the world wait with bated breath for news of the band's fate...

There will be no political rant today because Steanso is too tired, and doesn't feel like getting himself all wound up just beofre the weekend. Instead, given how hot it is outside, Steanso will soon seek out a strawberry daquiri.

Be good, guys.


Anonymous said...

Doktor Palka in der Haus:

My mother is a Yooper, which gives me the venerable Yooper ancestry.

Although I am not in tune with my "inner Hunter," (and I mean the killing of wildlife, not the Fred Dryer TV show of the same name....)which separates me from my Yooper cousins/uncles, I do enjoy a good beer battered perch and a hot Pastie.

I just finished watching the first season of "Deadwood".....I didn't realize they used the word "c***sucker" so much in the Wild West. I have actually started using that term with my patients.
A term of endearment, if you will.

Off to Alaska next week for a cruise with the in-laws, then moving South to Nashville TN for a tour of duty at Vanderbilt.
Feel free to stop by.
I'll be hitting Graceland weekly to pay my respects to the King.

Manu for President.


Anonymous said...

Steanso, do you read It will help you deal.

- Charlie

CrackBass said...

hey, i'd just like to point out that as far as CrackBass knew, there was no practice. so my cancelling of such is a bogus rumor. in fact, CrackBass has been working on songs for our next performance. I know that dirty sensat has one ready. How about you steanso?

all you crackheads out there best prepare yourselves for our next onslaught.

J.S. said...

Just for the record, you said you had to do yard work on Friday, and then (in a move that confused Steanso) you said you were going to be too tired for band practice on Friday. The band, Crackbass, THE BAND!

J.S. said...

Also, in a different side note, I would like to point out that the applications for becoming one of the Chickenhead singers have been abysmally few (ok, nonexistent). C'mon, ladies! Get funky!