Friday, April 15, 2005

Well, I didn't think I would be doing a post today, seeing as how I'm in Houston for a wedding, but I got to my parents' house and no one is home. Having nothing to do except try to reconcile my current self with the skinnier childhood Jason in the pictures adorning my parents walls, I turn to the computer....
Hmmmmm. Jeff Wilson was unhappy with yesterday's posting. Apparently it had too much political rant to it and not enough tomfoolery involving our friends. He's also unhappy with the fact that I revealed the truth about his germ-ridden, infectious nature, and how he fills everyone around him with disease, death, and decay. It's ok, Jeff. Every group of friends needs its own horseman of pestilence, and you're ours.
If I were in Austin this weekend I would probably go to Andy's house in Wimberly with Jeff and we would swim in the pool and shoot shotguns and play with Maggie (who is the Sensat dog) and Ocho (who is Andy's cat) and ride in offroad golfcarts and catch animals in the creek for Jeff's pond and cook up fish in the outdoor fish fryer and quite possibly drink a swallow or two of whiskey. Maybe now that we have unlocked our musical potential with Crack, we could even rock the canyon with a keyboard, bass and banjo trio from the patio.
Instead of all that, I'm in Houston for a wedding. Hopefully it'll be fun. Maybe Wimberly some other weekend.
All for now. Mayhaps more later if I get bored.


Anonymous said...


Estimated time of arrival in Austin:
Monday April 18, 1PM

Estimated time of first drink:
Monday April 18, 2PM (Need to buy some Belgian brews at Whole Foods)

Estimated time of first arrest for Drunk & Disorderly:
Monday April 18, 6 PM. (probably for public urination)

Estimated time of first call to my old buddy and current lawyer, Jason Steans:
Monday April 18, 7PM


Res ipsa loquitur-

CrackBass said...

it appears my pestilence wasnt spread deeply enough, or in the right regions, since you are alive and well enough to be blogging.

steanso is gone. austin aint the same without him. close to the same, but not quite.

i dont know this pope character, but he seems to know his latin or his legalese, and either one makes me fearful. but he seems to like to drink, and that makes me ok with him, and most of what he does. except the buggery. i cant condone that.